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Best Car Accessories + Gadgets In 2022

When considering the future, there is always a lot to consider. The most common question that comes to mind is, what will the world look like in five years? What will this day and age be like?

The future of cars can be summed up in just one word: electric. This means you won’t have to worry about mileage or the price of gas. But what else can you expect from new cars in 2022? Many people are on the hunt for car gadgets. Sure, most cars these days come with some sort of technology for convenience but what about the more high-tech gadgets? 

The following list of car accessories and gadgets is sure to impress even the savviest techies and it may make your life on the road easier whether you lease a car or own one.

1. Dash Cams

With the help of a dashcam, you can prove your innocence if somebody accuses you of causing an accident. This device captures video and audio recording from a vehicle’s perspective. Dashcams are essential for keeping records in case an accident happens. Plus, it can be kind of fun to look over and share footage from beautiful scenery or those rare moments that no one would believe.

2. Car Jump Starters

This is a portable battery jump starter, capable of delivering up to 20,000 amps of power and a 400A surge for those emergency situations. It’s designed to be the most powerful, most durable, most reliable on the market.

It’ll charge all of your portable devices, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, wireless headphones, and portable gaming systems and if that wasn’t enough it has an ultra-bright LED torch to help you find your way with dual USB outputs. 

3. Dyson V6 Car Vacuum 

This small and light Dyson vacuum is versatile and offers up to 20 minutes of charge, so you can clean your car without the need for a power socket. Its crevice tool enables it to clean in tight spaces and its mini motorized tool for picking up dog hair ensures that no hair is left behind. Now you can keep your car clean anytime and anywhere. The Dyson pairs perfectly with a new Toyota.

 4. Chris Digital Assistant

Chris is a digital assistant for drivers, like Amazon’s Alexa.

It helps drivers with some of the most tedious tasks and provides assistance as a co-driver would. Chris is an AI assistant driving tool that supports drivers in many ways, whether it’s alerting them to possible traffic jams or helping them find their way as they drive to an unfamiliar address.

5. Nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger

Parking lots are the most chaotic parking situation you’ll find. They’re usually full of different cars with different colors, shapes, and sizes. This makes it difficult to locate your car quickly. The nonda zus is a smart car charger not only charges 2 different devices quickly when you are in your car. But also when you are outside of your car you can use the mobile app that helps you locate your car in the busiest parking lot!


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