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2WD Vs. 4WD: Which Drive-train Suits My New 2025 RAM 1500 Lease?

The Ram 1500 seamlessly blends capability and comfort, solidifying its position as a standout full-size pickup truck. Boasting a host of upgrades for 2025, it maintains its dominance with a choice of potent six-cylinder engines, including a brawny twin-turbo inline-six that replaces the previous Hemi V-8, delivering up to an impressive 540 horsepower. While the Rebel model caters to off-road enthusiasts, the Ram 1500, like other Ram models, shines brightest when configured for luxury, with top-tier trims like the Limited and new Tungsten offering a class-above experience without compromising its workhorse capabilities.

About the Upgraded 2025 RAM 1500

The 2025 Ram 1500 lease deal receives a comprehensive upgrade, elevating its status as a formidable full-size truck. Aside from the conspicuous facelift, the half-ton Ram truck bade farewell to its Hemi V-8, embracing a potent twin-turbocharged inline-six engine, which delivers either 420 or an exhilarating 540 horsepower. Exterior enhancements include new lighting elements, wheel designs, and a refreshed color palette. Inside, the standard infotainment system now features a larger 12.0-inch touchscreen, with an optional 14.5-inch display and a 10.3-inch passenger-side screen available. Also, a new range-topping Tungsten model with quilted leather upholstery, massaging seats, and a premium 23-speaker Klipsch audio system joins the 1500’s lineup for 2025.

2WD and its Benefits

Two-wheel drive (2WD) refers to a drivetrain where power is sent to either the front or rear wheels only. The RAM 1500 provides rear-wheel drive (RWD) as its 2WD system, offering benefits such as improved fuel economy, affordable pricing, and higher towing capacity due to lighter weight. However, they have less traction than 4WD, especially in off-road or slippery conditions. While suitable for light off-roading, 2WD can struggle with challenging terrains and severe weather. For towing, 2WD’s concentrated traction on two wheels can be advantageous. Entry-level 1500 models usually come standard with rear-wheel drive; you can always upgrade to all-wheel drive for additional cost.

4WD and its Benefits

The capability to transmit engine power to all four wheels, known as Four-Wheel Drive (4WD), offers enhanced traction and stability on varying surfaces. With 4WD, the torque generated by the engine is distributed between the front and rear axles, resulting in improved performance on off-road terrains. However, the implementation of 4WD adds complexity to the drivetrain, increases the overall weight of the vehicle, and consequently raises the cost. While 4WD is advantageous for navigating rugged terrain, it may not be essential for regular driving on paved roads, where a Two-Wheel Drive (2WD) configuration proves sufficient.

For those in search of rugged aesthetics, exceptional off-road prowess, a luxurious interior, and outstanding capabilities, the Ram 1500 continues to be a top-notch option. Whether 2WD or 4WD, VIP Auto Lease offers remarkable lease deals on all versions of the latest 1500 half-ton truck. We guarantee unbeatable prices, and mouthwatering incentives.

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