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2020 Land Rover Comparison: Range Rover Sport Vs Discovery

It’s quite a hard choice for customers whenever it comes to choosing between the range rover sport and range rover discovery. Both SUVs at NY Car Lease Specials are magnificent in their different specifications, but of cause individual preferences have to always step-in whenever a choice is to be made. Since its inception in 1948, Land Rover has been producing a touch notch quality and beautiful sportiness with a variety of impressive SUVs that drivers all over the world want to own or lease. According to Land Rover, they strive to match every driver with their ideal Land Rover model, working hard to give customers as much information as possible about their assorted available and incoming models. This aims to help each person make the perfect decision for their driving needs. In this article, we are going to be looking at the comparison between the 2020 version of these two well prominent SUV along with their price tags.


The difference in size between these two is very obvious when one looks at the exterior dimensions. Though both have 8.3 inches of ground clearance, the purpose of this is to help them handle bumpy dirt roads and off the beaten path adventures with ease. A look at them, the discovery Sport is longer and taller than the Range Rover Evoque. This is one of the ways to distinguish between the two, people who are satisfied with portable SUV would lease the Range Rover Evoque more than the discovery Sport

Cargo Space

When it comes to the cargo space, the Evoque is the smallest compared to the sport. But this doesn’t mean you’ll have a problem fitting your suitcases, groceries and more in the Evoque model’s which 21.5 cubic feet cargo hold is. The Discovery Sport will accommodate more because it has 34.6 cubic feet available. The owner will lose some of that added cargo space If he/she opts for the third row of seating on the Discovery Sport. So those looking to use cargo space would have to lease the Discovery sport.

Seating And Space

In seating and space, the Range Rover Evoque is a subcompact crossover. It’s small yes, but it has enough room for up to five people in its two-row cabin. On the other hand, the Discovery Sport is a larger SUV; It comes standard having five seating and two rows. It also has a third row (optional) for seating. Interested individuals can order if they need more room.

Configuration Options

In these specs, both SUVs allow you to choose from a menu of trims and engines.  The Range Rover Evoque as six trim options and many standalone features one can use to customize his/her SUV to their taste, while the Discovery Sport is limited to just three trim level options.


The pricing of the range rover Evoque is $43,645, while that range rover discovery is $38,794. We can see clearly that the Evoque is a little bit priced-up more than the discovery sport.

In conclusion, both SUVs are great cars and worth every penny of it, whether it’s leased or bought. With many testimonies around the world, one can be rest assured that he/she possesses a worthwhile SUV.

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