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VIP’s Top 5 Rated 3rd Row Budget SUV Countdown

For your benefit, we at VIP Auto have created a short review of the best budget 3rd row SUVs. 

VW Atlas

The VW Atlas is a fairly new addition to the industry, only being manufactured for about 3 years. Volkswagen wanted to add a new SUV to their lineup, and they went all the way with this 3 row mid size crossover. Able to seat 7 people this SUV is beautiful inside and out. It has chrome trim integrated along the grill and lights, which include daytime running lights, fog lights, and LED headlights. The V6 engine adds plenty of power to all four 20 inch wheels. The interior has a classy front dash that includes a touch screen display that can be integrated into your phone. For the price and the quality, the 2020 VW Atlas is one of the best buys.

Honda Pilot

The 3 rows 2020 Honda Pilot is a great addition to its lineup. It has a great price while the driver will know it comes with the high quality that Honda has come to represent.  Most adults can fit in the 3rd row and behind that is 16.5 cubic feet of storage space. The engine is a little smaller than some competitors with about 280 HP but has reasonable gas mileage estimated at about 19 mpg.

Chevy Traverse

The Traverse is an excellent choice for large or growing families. All 3 rows are roomy with legroom for the average sized person. It has a 9 speed automatic transmission that coordinates with the 310 hp v6 engine.  It has a smooth ride due to its flexible suspension even on unsmooth surfaces and is even able to tow over 4,500 pounds. The dash comes with a 7inch infotainment touch screen display that produces crystal clear sound to all 10 Bose speakers. For those on a budget looking for a 3 row SUV, the 2020 Chevy Traverse is your SUV.

GMC Acadia

The base model of the 2020 GMC Acadia has a 4 cylinder 193 hp engine while the upgraded model has 210 hp turbocharged. It has both front wheel drive and all wheel drive options that allow it to tow up to 4k pounds. With the third row, it can sit up to 7 people and still has almost 13 cubic feet of cargo space behind the last row. Even when traveling at higher speeds the cabin is well insulated with little outside noise and with the 8inch touch screen you can play any music with great quality.

 Infiniti QX60

The strength of the new 2020 Infiniti QX60 is how much room is still in the cabin even with 3 rows of comfortable seats. While seating 7 people it still has 16 cubic feet behind the final row for great storage space. Also inside the passengers can enjoy the Bose sound system controlled by the beautiful 8 inch display in the center dash. It can achieve about 20 mpg on its 295 hp engine and comes default with front wheel drive.


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