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VIP’s Top 5 Cheapest Cars To Lease in 2020 post CV-19

Covid-19 has rocked every industry in the world. There were perhaps some industries that saw an increase in business, but with many people out of work or on fewer hours budgeting has increased. Here at VIP Lease, we are mindful of our community and those looking to get the cheapest deals on leases as possible. For the benefit of our audience and New York, we have compiled the top 5 cheapest cars to lease in 2020 post Covid-19.


2020 Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai throughout the last 2 decades has really made an excellent name for themselves in the auto industry. This Korean car company has a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and more and more as having excellent features and comfort. The new Elantra is no different. This 4 door sedan can get over 26 mpg on its 4 cylinder 147 hp engine. It can come with either a 5 in, 7 in, or 8 in touch screen display that controls the infotainment system. One of the least expensive cars for leasing the Elantra can be available for $185.26 per month, for those who qualify.


2020 Nissan Sentra

The newest Nissan Sentra is one of the most economical cars on the market. It is able to get over 28 mpg in the city and over 37 mpg on the highway! It can comfortably seat 5 people and the back seat has legroom for most adults. The wide is fairly smooth and balanced powered by its 149 hp engine which is over 20 hp more than the previous year. The NHTSA rated it with a 5-star overall safety rating and can be leased for as low as $199.00 per month.


2020 Toyota Corolla

The new Toyota Corolla is an excellent compact car for the post Covid-19 times. It is inexpensive to maintain, and efficient to run, getting roughly 30 mpg in the city! It is a small front-wheel-drive sedan with a 139 hp engine. It is also extremely safe with a perfect 5-star rating for both front and side crash ratings. Since Toyota maintains its value, your leasing rates low as $205.00 will be significantly lower than buying a new one.

2020 Kia Optima

The 2020 Optima is compact, comfortable and one of the safest cars in its class. It has across the board perfect 5-star safety crash ratings and is loaded with safety technology. It gets a respectable 24 mpg in the city and has a smooth suspension and steering system that reacts with ease. It’s 6 speaker surround sound system is controlled by its 8-inch LCD screen. All these features come in a lease that can be as low as $209.35 per month.

2020 Honda Civic

The Civic has an impressive interior appearance and comfort level. This 5 seater compact car comes with sufficient leg and headroom, and the seat options include cloth or leather. The 2020 Civic Sedan has either14.7 or 15.3 cargo space depending on which trim level you choose to lease. The base model comes with an efficient 158 hp engine and it has been rated 5 stars in overall crash safety. See if you qualify for the low price of $210.00 per month.

Before you start looking at dealers for your post Covid-19 car, check out our full inventory and finalize your lease online with VIP Auto Lease:

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