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Top 10 German Luxury Cars Being Leased In Brooklyn

These days, cars aren’t just owned for the sole reason of transportation. Cars tell a whole lot of story about a person; their aesthetic preference as well as their personality. There are a whole lot of car lease options in Brooklyn, NY, but only a selected few possess that elite status that is sought after by people of exquisite taste. Fortunately, no hurdle is too high for VIP Auto Group. We have painstakingly set measures which make it very easy to get a hold of these beauties without breaking the bank. With excellent ratings from our customers, we are setting new car leasing standards that are unparalleled by other dealerships.

If you reside in Brooklyn and enjoy taking rides within your city, then you’re on the right website. Choosing a perfect vehicle requires you to make the right decisions, and before we go ahead, let’s say that you can’t be wrong going for a German-manufactured car. The impressiveness of German technology is a tale as old as time. Being the pioneers of the new age of technological advancement, Germans have lots to offer when it comes to performance, as well as luxury. You could be chilling in a Mercedes, or taking a trip around the suburbs in an Audi, and you’d be getting a lot of heads turning to take a glance at it. Now, the thought of these luxurious beauties being unaffordable might come to your mind, but no need to worry. With our special lease deal offerings, you can get these cars at the most affordable prices.

We have compiled a list of the ten most luxurious German cars you can get your hands on in Brooklyn.

Audi RS5 Sportback

With an impressive top speed and superb handling, the Audi RS5 Sportback has already been established as one of the most versatile cars in the world. The Audi RS5 Sportback is also endowed with the best styling ever to come in a compact vehicle. Its daring frontal appearance and outstanding rim designs put the Audi RS5 Sportback in a comfortable position when compared with the best luxury vehicles available. The mind-blowing performance and engine specs of the Audi RS5 Sportback is also a game-changer, with the various trims providing numerous options for drivers seeking that unique distinction and experience. An Audi RS5 Sportback lease deal will not only give you the value for your money but will also give you a premium status in Brooklyn.

Mercedes Benz S-Class AMG S65

Undoubtedly one of the best motor companies, Mercedes never cease to deliver vehicles with outstanding performance and incredibly luxurious finishing. Mercedes S-Class vehicles are an Elite set of vehicles, with the AMG S65 among the leaders in exquisite powertrain levels and horsepower. Its sleek design and low center of gravity provide its drivers with that comfort and aesthetic appeal. Leasing a Mercedes Benz S-Class AMG S65 can be a game-changer for you, and we can help you with that.

Mercedes Benz GLS63 4Matic

Just like the Mercedes S-Class AMG S65 mentioned above, the GLS63 4Matic is ranked among the most elegant SUVs in the world. The S65 is perfect at maintaining a balance between robustness and luxury. With ample interior space and décor, the S65 brings that needed fresh look and appearance to satisfy the modern needs of drivers. It also comes with a moderate bumper size, with ergonomically pleasing head and taillights to further boost its luxurious appearance. If leasing an SUV is on your wish list, then you can’t go wrong with a Mercedes GLS63 4Matic lease deal.

BMW M8 CV Convertible

BMW cars are always noted for their flashy appearance, and the BMW M8 CV Convertible does not disappoint in that aspect. With a very impressive slender design and a fabulous streamlined structure, you will be regarded as one of the upper-class residents in Brooklyn. Get yourself a BMW M8 CV lease deal and step into the world of luxury.

BMW Alpina B7 X-Drive

The Alpina B7 sets the bar so high for other luxury sedans. With a particularly unique design and exterior décor, combined with its massive horsepower, you would be getting both the luxury and impressive performance. Its elegance is unrivalled, and the Bavarians didn’t hold back in giving the BMW Alpina B7 X-Drive the most exquisite engine tuning you will ever see in a luxury vehicle. If you need such styling, leasing the BMW Alpina B7 X-Drive will provide you with exactly that.

Porsche Cayenne

With a daring and captivating frontal appearance, the Porsche Cayenne is a fabulous SUV that is incredibly lavish. With arguably the best exterior design, the Porsche Cayenne also maintains its robustness. Going for a Porsche Cayenne lease should be a very easy decision to make if you seek that deluxe experience.

Volkswagen Atlas V6 SEL Premium 4Motion

One of the best Volkswagen brands has to offer. Not only does it give you that feeling of luxury, but it’s also a huge bargain when compared with other high-class vehicles on this list. With a prestigious and dominating appearance, the Volkswagen Atlas V6 provides that confidence to anyone who rides it. Leasing the Atlas V6 SEL should be on your checklist.

Mercedes Benz SL550 Convertible

There is something about a convertible that portrays wealth and luxury, and the SL550 rocked it. There is absolutely no doubt that whoever rides this vehicle will be greatly noticed. It’s also perfect for people in need of portability and mind-blowing décor. Want to be regarded as one of the upper class? Then leasing the Mercedes Benz SL550 is what you need.

Audi RS5 Quattro Coupe

The Audi RS5 Quattro Coupe is an incredibly designed vehicle meant for sports enthusiasts. With a well-structured grille and a perfectly flattened front end, the RS5 Quattro Coupe has that luxurious appeal that is rarely found in other vehicles. Get yourself an RS5 Quattro Coupe lease, and start your life of endless cruising.

BMW M850i Gran Coupe X-Drive

Coming at the last of our list is an impeccable car which has surpassed all expectations, both in aesthetic attraction and execution. The BMW M850i Gran Coupe comes with that feisty frontal appearance, and sleek body design capable of making anyone fall in love with it. The interior is also furnished with one of the best materials and leather, making the BMW M850i Gran Coupe Lease deal one of the most luxurious options available.

Getting behind the wheels of one of these beauties might seem impossible. However, with the most competitive prices and special lease deals at the best Auto Lease Group in Brooklyn, NY, you can get these luxurious cars easily.

Contact us at VIP Auto Lease Of Brooklyn 2509 E 64th Street Brooklyn, NY 11234 (347) 384-6631 https://viplease.com/brooklyn/ to be a proud owner of one of these great cars.

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