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Top 10 BMW & Mercedes Models Being Leased In Connecticut

Different people have different tastes when it comes to car leasing. In Connecticut, there are a few cars that are synonymous with class, fashion, and style. It’s no wonder that such wonderful vehicles are at the forefront of people’s choices when deciding on a new car leasing in Stamford, NY.

If you want to drive a new car in CT, it will only make sense that you go with a brand associated with luxury, comfort, and all the fine things in life. Both BMW and Mercedes Benz car models are among the top-class most leased stylish and high-performance cars in Connecticut. If BMW or Mercedes is your desired automobile, it only makes sense that you lease one straight from the best lease dealership in  Stamford, CT. VIP Autos in Stamford, CT, offers a large inventory of the finest BMW and Mercedes models, all at the lowest possible lease prices and superb services.

If you want to drive in style in Stamford, CT, here’s what is making the list of top BMW and Mercedes being leased in CT.

Mercedes Benz G550

If you’ve ever wondered why Mercedes car leasing is so popular in CT, you may want to stop for just a moment and ask yourself, why wouldn’t it be? Have you seen some of the Mercedes models that are available for leasing? With years of innovative engineering, Mercedes has offered the market an off-road icon in the name of Mercedes Benz G550. With a tall and square design, which adds a lot to its unique built, the G550’s combination of a ferocious engine with a sumptuous cabin, comfortable seats, and off-road mastery makes it a top choice in the six-figure SUVs territory. Getting a Mercedes Benz G550 lease deal isn’t just about a high-class SUV driven by the rich and famous in CT, but an all-round off-road monster.

Mercedes Benz G63

In a bid to offer a more contemporary version of the iconic G550, the bespoke German automaker, in its incredible innovative ingenuity, has presented a quicker and snazzier off-road monster. The Mercedes Benz G63 lease offers a one of a kind experience, one that you’d never get from any other luxurious off-roader. Its rare blend of ace refinement, a rugged and adventuring spirit, with a scintillating sense of luxury has made one of the highly sought after off-roader to lease in CT.

Mercedes Benz GLS63 AMG

Mercedes-AMG has blessed the GLS63 with the best of everything that you’ll ask for in a family SUV. Powered by a fire-breathing twin-turbo V8 with 603 hp, this Benz’s roomy interior is adorned with premium materials and an incredible number of seductive features. Its top-notch blend of comfort and agility has earned the Mercedes Benz GLS63 AMG lease a top spot in every family SUVs shoppers’ list in CT.

Mercedes Benz S65 AMG

Every shopper in the large luxury sedan market knows that the Mercedes-Benz S-class offers the best of the best in the class. And of the whole S-Class models, the Mercedes AMG 65 stands out, packing more power and more pleasing upgrades. From its eye-catching exterior with loads of attractive features to its luxuriously appointed interior with a plush cabin, super comfy seats, and an endless selection of tech and convenience amenities, the Mercedes Benz AMG S65 lease deal stands as one of the best luxury sedans from the bespoke German auto giants.

Mercedes Benz SL550 Convertible

Do you know the car that most shoppers in CT looking for premium sports to lease always opt for? The Mercedes Benz SL550 Convertible! Yes, this roadster makes a great choice for anyone who wants to lease a premium sports car that’s fun to drive around the streets of Connecticut. With a Mercedes Benz SL550 lease, you can count on getting a sports car that delivers a delightful and luxurious driving experience.

BMW M8 Convertible

The M8 Convertible is one of the few cars that run on the road and people’s minds.  Never be fooled by the sleek yet muscular profile that evokes unbreakable motorsport lineage. The M8 is also as powerful as it looks. Leasing the BMW M8 Convertible is not the same as leasing any convertible in NY, as the M8, with its drop-dead engineering ingenuity, gets a seat in the pinnacle of BMW performance, style, and class.

BMW M760i

With a perfect blend of sporty dynamics with a first-class cabin, a BMW M760i lease deal offers the best experience in BMW’s luxury sedans lineup. Engineered by the performance-oriented BMW M, the M760i is one of the few luxury sedans available for lease in CT that comes with a striking appearance, top-notch interior with loads of comfy and convenience features, and delivers a pleasant ride.

BMW Alpina B7

Every car enthusiast in CT looking for something a little subtler than the M760i always opt for the BMW Alpina B7 lease. The Alpina B7 trades on exclusivity and refinement. It’s more than a refined luxury sedan. It’s definitely unlike any sedan you’ll see on the streets of CT from the Bavarian master. This luxury sedan reflects decades of automotive refinement, from its exquisite craftsmanship to engine tunings and unique interior designs.


With its impeccable mix of performance, interior quality, and practicality, the BMW X7 lease deal is one of the hottest deals in the luxury large SUVs segment in CT. The X7 has a roomy three-row interior that is luxuriously built with top-notch materials and elegant styling. Its brawny lineup of turbocharged engines, refined air suspension, and a plethora of intuitive tech and active safety features makes it just the right SUV for the family.

BMW M850i Gran Coupe

Inspired by the racing world, the M850i Gran Coupe lease offers a combination of sport and luxury in one car.  From its compelling elegance to its fine-tuned fire breathing V8 engine, thrilling dynamics with sporty characteristics, and impressive cabin, the M850i Gran Coupe is certainly designed to set your adrenaline high.

In all, be it a BMW or a Benz that you want to lease in Connecticut, leasing any of the above models gets you just the right car to ride in style across the streets of CT. And your favorite Auto lease group has the best prices and premium services you can count on. So why don’t you pick your phone and place the call now?

Contact us at VIP CT Car Leasing Stamford 6 Landmark Sq 4th Fl (201) 878-6961 https://viplease.com/stamford-ct.

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