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Tips For Upkeeping A New Car Lease & Avoiding Damage Return Fees

Just as much as a car lease has lots of advantages, so can it be a huge problem, especially when you’re not properly informed about very crucial details. Expenses made on a car lease won’t always be the ones that were agreed on, and we will go further into it in this article.

As we all know, the term lease means a loan. You don’t expect to own a leased car forever, which is why there is always an agreement between you and your dealer to determine your period of use of the said car. Now, within this period, you will shoulder every responsibility that comes with owning the car for that agreed period. This responsibility will include making sure the car stays in perfect shape, which means no dent on the car, no broken windshields or mirrors, no electrical damages, or any other issue the car could develop. The same thing goes for the specified mileage you are allowed to reach on the vehicle. Long story short, you are expected to return the car just as it was given to you.

Unfortunately, not all drivers adhere to such restrictions. These drivers end up paying a lot more for the vehicle lease than they expected. These extra fees aren’t just additional costs that the vehicle incurs out of the blue; however, these fees arise from the damages and deterioration the vehicle suffers after the driver’s prolonged use.

Now, to settle these costs isn’t a must. All these extra fees can be avoided if you play your cards right. To get ahead of such impending fees, you have to do better during your lease period. The best approach to this is to take better care of your vehicle to limit the fees that might arise due to damages and infringement. Suppose you have very little idea on how to go about it, no need to worry. We will be giving an in-depth explanation of each of the ways you can maintain your vehicle, or rather, to improve your ways of upkeep of your vehicle.

Hints for a Better Car Upkeep

The hints below will give you a better idea of what needs to be done to keep your new car lease deal healthy;

  • Wax and Wash the Car Regularly

For the car to look as new as before, you have to keep it that way. One very vital way of doing that is through frequent cleaning. Sometimes, going through a car wash drive-thru will not help as much as you want it to. Some areas might remain untouched by the machine after washing. If you want to get the best out of your vehicle visually, a manual wash might be the only option. When more attention is given to those little areas during car washing, you can keep it looking as good as it was when you leased it.

Another aspect that needs noting is waxing. The paint job of a leased car can end up looking worn out or bleached over time. Such can arise from various reasons like too much sunlight and extreme weather conditions. Waxing should be your go-to when faced with issues like this. The waxy layer can considerably stop the paint from fading away, retaining the color for a longer period. Also, it will make the car look glossy and more appealing to the eyes.

  • Gauge the Oil Levels Frequently

Taking your car for a ride can give you the satisfaction public transport services never will. Be it for official or leisure purposes, the feel of driving your car is incomparable. To keep it that way, you need to ensure it stays intact, not only externally but internally. If you’re already thinking about the engine, then you’re on the right track.

The engine is undoubtedly the powerhouse of a car. An engine needs to be in perfect shape before you can even think of using a vehicle. Now, you’re not expected to become a mechanical engineer overnight; However, there are few things you can do to make sure it keeps on performing at the highest level.

For starters, checking the oil level is very necessary. Having a periodic oil change in your car can sometimes be organized by your car dealership. If there isn’t an arrangement made, then it’s up to you to seek a capable auto maintenance company to help you. Oil shortage can cause many problems, so it’s always advisable not to let it get to that stage. Total engine breakdown can occur because of it, among other things. Keeping your oil level optimal can save you the stress of needing excessive repairs in the future and save you so much cost in upkeep.

  • Keep an Eye on the Tire

The work of the tire is so underrated most times. Just because they are not as complicated in repairs as other parts of a car doesn’t mean they aren’t equally important. Maintaining your tires should never be neglected because it is the actual part of a car that is in direct contact with the road, and as such, can lead to fatal accidents when ignored. This situation isn’t just about saving cost on damages anymore; it’s about making sure you stay safe on the road.

For starters, you always need to check the air in the tires to make sure they don’t lack the needed pressure to operate on the road. If the pressure is very low, try inflating the tires to the required volume before applying the car on the road. An experienced mechanic can help you with this if you have no idea how to do it yourself.

Secondly, it’s not advisable to use the same set of tires all the time. Tires usually have a lifespan of three years or more, but that does not mean it shouldn’t be switched now and then. It’s not necessary to switch the tires that came with the leased vehicle with yours throughout the lease period. As we mentioned before, this isn’t just about for your vehicle upkeep, but for your safety as well. Your tires can also deteriorate, which can cause some mishaps on the road if not managed properly. Also, aligning your wheels now and then can help keep your car balanced and functional.

Tips on Avoiding Extra Costs on Damages

At the end of every lease deal, you must return the car just as you received it. As we explained earlier, there will likely be consequences if there is any form of damage or defect noticed on the vehicle after the lease period. These consequences, however, will be financial. So if you have much money to burn, then maybe you won’t need these tips so much. On the other hand, if paying such fees will make you suffer a massive hit on your budget, or you know the value of a dollar, then you’re certainly at the right place.

Just as we explained how you could take care of your leased vehicle, so will we be explaining how you can drastically reduce the costs you will likely pay on damages upon the end of your lease deal. These are the tips below;

  • Be Aware Of the Content of the Lease Contract

Many drivers don’t care so much about carefully reading through the printed text of their lease deal. Thus, many car dealers take the unnecessary advantage and set some unfavorable lease conditions that might be unknowingly accepted by the car lessee. One such condition can be related to the cost of damages done to the vehicle. Some of the terms related to damages can be exaggerated and so outrageous. We all know how contracts work; so long as it is a written agreement signed by both parties, the legal system won’t salvage anything out of such a situation.

So, how do you get yourself out of a bad situation like this? It’s quite easy. Just don’t get yourself into a situation like this because there is no way out except paying up. To do this, you have to be more careful when going through your lease term. While at it, try and make sure you take note of any section that concerns damage settlements. If the terms concerning fees to be paid for damages don’t sit well with you, it’s best not to go through with the lease deal at all. It would be preferable to look for another deal that will suit your budget properly, including your budget for financing any damages in the future.

  • Constantly Check the Mileage Limit

Your mileage should never be exceeded for any reason. The lessee and the car dealer always negotiate this lease term. Whatever decision that is arrived at should be obeyed at all costs. On no account should you try and break the mile limit you and your car dealer agreed on. Such a breach can lead to one of the most notable financial penalties you can ever receive. If you know you’re a traveler and drive long miles frequently, it’s best to negotiate a feasible price with your car dealer. This price, no matter how expensive it is, should be able to cover your mileage comfortably. It’s always preferable to pay such amount for your required mileage. Paying for less mileage and then failing to keep to it would cost you a whole lot more than when you paid for it in the lease agreement.

As a backup tip, the penalties of various car dealerships differ. So, when going for an auto dealer, always conduct your research on how grievous their mileage penalties are before making a choice. This step can save you a lot more than you can imagine, especially in situations where such a penalty is unavoidable.

  • Treat Your Lease like a Long Term Deal

We always have this instinctive behavior that always makes us look after things more carefully if we own it for a very long time. This attitude helps us preserve things for so long and retains its use for an extended period. Using the same mentality of vehicles isn’t any different, especially on leased vehicles. When going for a short term deal, there is a tendency not to interest the vehicle’s condition. I mean, since it’s going to be returned sooner than later, there is no need to worry, right?

Well, if you thought like that before, maybe it’s time to stop. Using your vehicle in a care-free manner because it’s a short lease doesn’t do you any favors. Instead, the chances of you getting the car damaged within that period will be extremely high. No matter how short the lease deal was, these damages will have to be accounted for by you.

To prevent this from happening is quite easy. Just take better care of your car, regardless of the lease period. For a better perspective, always treat every lease length like a long term deal. Such dedication to the car can keep it looking new and fresh every hour of the day and every day of the week. Always remember you’re just a temporal owner of the vehicle, and it will return to its owner someday. According to the lease agreement, damage fees will have to be settled when it isn’t returned in perfect condition. However, if it was properly taken care of during the entire lease period, you won’t have to spend extra.

You should always give more attention to your car’s condition just as much as you take it for a drive. It would be advisable to go for a car dealership that ensures you get the best lease deals without excessive penalties for damages. At VIP Auto, we can give you all that. All you need to do is reach us at 1204 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305, 718-477-7888 https://viplease.com/  to get started on your leasing experience.

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