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The Top 10 American SUV’s Being Leased On Long Island

Millions of Americans now prefer to lease SUVs. They are super comfy, spacious, functional, and of great value, especially for families with kids. So, when many Americans are in the market for a new car, SUVs are always a top consideration. However, for most shoppers, the source of their new vehicle is of utmost importance. Car leasing in Long Island, NY, is mostly about leasing an American SUV. Of course, you can only get the best lease deals with an unerring service, only at your number auto lease group in Long Island—the VIP Auto Group!

We all love American craftsmanship. They are distinct, powerful, and represents what America stands for. Everything screams – American. The same applies to motor vehicles. American cars have always made a statement; they are big, sleek, and beautiful. Although not all cars made in America are from American brands, nevertheless, they still have those American characteristics that we all love. So, the next time you’re in the market for American SUVs, here are the top American SUVs being leased in Long Island.

Cadillac Escalade

In the luxury large American SUVs segment, the Escalade stands tall, ticking all the right boxes. The Escalade affords luxury, style, and tech features to sway many shoppers. Inside this pretty SUV is a masterful cabin with standard leather upholstery and loads of intriguing fixes. And when it comes to performance, this Caddie is no slouch, as it comes standard with a 420-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission. If you want a road-trip-ready luxury SUV with many standard features and a brawny engine to lease in Long Island, the Cadillac Escalade lease deal is always the best place to start.

Lincoln Navigator

Nothing says all “American luxury” quite like the Lincoln Navigator. Unfortunately, this amazing plush SUV has got a lot more going for them than they are given credit for. Well, the story is gradually turning positive as most SUV shoppers in NY have come to appreciate the all-around luxury and performance that the Navigator affords. This monstrous vehicle screams opulence. From its roomy, opulent cabin with plenty of space for adults in all three rows and its punchy engine that earns it a serene ride, the Lincoln Navigator lease is surely a good investment.

Mercedes Benz GLE580

When ultimate luxury becomes the name of the game, you can always expect a car sporting the three-pointed star on its grille to offer you the best. A Mercedes Benz GLE lease gets you a rolling technology showpiece with delectable looks and a luxurious, spacious, and comfortable cabin. The GLE is outfitted with a host of cutting edge tech features that makes it all the more desirable. Powered by a twin-turbo V8 and myriads of performance-enhancing features which includes; an adjustable air suspension that features a bouncing mode. The GLE580 offers nothing short of a pleasurable ride for the family.


There’s nothing that beats an SUV in the mid-size luxury SUV class that so effortlessly blends on-road driving satisfaction with modern technology and a posh cabin. The BMW X5 lease deal provides one of such few SUVs in its class that ticks the entire box. This five-seat crossover comes with a snazzy interior adorned with posh materials, comfortable seats, and a plethora of convenience features.  It’s engineered with zappy engine options and a standard adaptive suspension that balances refined handling with a comfortable ride.


When it comes to luxury and affordability in a compact SUV, the X3 is just the right car. Its graceful mix of performance, comfort, and practicality that few of its competitors can match has seen the BMW X3 lease deal become the people’s favorite in Long Island. With an upscale interior that can seat up to five passengers while offering a comfortable and relaxing drive day all day, the X3 is just the perfect compact luxury SUV to lease.

GMC Yukon XL Denali

Shoppers who consider towing muscle with luxury in the three-row family SUV segment always go for the Yukon XL. The Yukon XL is a tough large SUV with its unique looks and novel features that easily attracts people to the GMC Yukon XL Denali lease. It comes with a fire-breathing engine with a 10-speed automatic transmission operated by a push-button, underbody skid plates, and an optional air suspension. With a surprisingly athletic off-road manner for its size, the Yukon XL is fun to drive and practical as well.

Lincoln Aviator

Having set a new bar for American-style luxury, the Lincoln Aviator lease has been one of the most sought after auto lease deals in Long Island, NY. Lincoln packs the Aviator with a pretty styling, plush cabin with elegant materials, and myriads of safety and comfy features. This Lincoln also affords ample cargo space, potent engine options, composed handling, and a tender ride.

Ford Expedition

Thanks to its combination of best in class cargo and passenger space, safety and family-friendly features, the Ford Expedition lease deal has been of great demand in NY. With a muscular turbocharged V6 engine under the hood, a stout towing capacity, and a well-rounded performance, the Ford Expedition is a workhorse for active families. Its three-row interior is well built with quality materials and handy features.

Chevy Tahoe

With a more refined face and loads of contemporary features, the new Chevrolet Tahoe lease has found its way back to the heart of many shoppers in NY. This three-row SUV, a shorter version to its bigger sibling, Chevy Suburban, comes with a charming styling without being overly flashy. Its roomy interior treats occupants with quality materials, a host of driver-assistance options, and intuitive infotainment features that should delight every family.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you want a two-row SUV that you can rely on for almost everything, you may have to join hundreds of SUVs shoppers in Long Island, going for a Jeep Grand Cherokee lease deal. The Grand Cherokee boasts of unmatched versatility. It sports a posh interior with ample passenger space, a user-friendly infotainment system, and remarkable off-road ability.

As Sport Utility Vehicles, SUVs have become more popular with American drivers; it’s always to your advantage to lease from the best dealerships near you. VIP Autos Long Island offers the best lease deals on all SUVs in Long Island.

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