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The 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander In-Depth Review


The all-new Mitsubishi Outlander is a compact SUV that is engineered with all shades of modesty. With a standard third-row seat that beats most of its close rivals, it also gets fair fuel economy ratings and remarkable cargo capacity. The 2020 model of the Outlander, besides offering a third-row seat, also comes with a plug-in-hybrid powertrain (one of the few in its segment to have such), and an extensive warranty powertrain warranty. The presence of updated Super All Wheel Control in every all-wheel-drive for this year’s Outlander model further makes a 2020 Outlander Sports AWC lease a compelling option.


Powertrain And Transmission


The refreshed Outlander offers three decent engine options. Its base powertrain is a four-cylinder engine that manages a 166 horsepower. This standard base engine, no doubt, delivers an unimpressive performance, and it is paired to a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), which is of no much good to this underpowered engine.  A 224 horsepower V6 engine is also available. This powertrain engine is what gives the new Mitsubishi Outlander its decent acceleration and modest overall performance. A six-speed automatic transmission is linked to the V6.

Lastly, you have the PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) model, designed with two electric motors and a four-cylinder engine that jointly coughs out 197 horsepower. With the aid of the electric motors, acceleration with the PHEV is quite impressive. The PHEV model is connected to a single-speed transmission.


Fuel Economy


Generally, the fuel efficiency of this compact SUV is best described as been decent. It’s not the best in its class, and neither is it inadequate for its level. Its base engine gets an estimated fuel return of 25 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway, not bad for a compact SUV. However, this rating declines in the V6 engine. Unlike the four-cylinder, the V6 gets an EPA rating of 20 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway. The PHEV model permits the Outlander to run solely on electricity for short periods before its battery will run out of power and gas engines stepping up to act as a backup. This electrified model of 12.0-kWh battery, according to its EPA rating, can go up to 22 miles of combined city and highway range when running solely on its power while aided with gasoline power, returns a combined EPA of 25 mpg city/highway.


Interior And Cargo


The Mitsubishi Outlander sports a well-built and quiet cabin that can satisfy anyone with a moderate appetite on car interior makeups. Inside this compact SUV is an array of soft-touch material dispersed all over. It’s also accosted with an infotainment system.

The hybrid Outlander seats five people in its two-row seat, while the non-hybrid model can seat up to seven people, all thanks to its three-row seat, which is unique in its class. Its cargo space is decent, as the second and third rows can be folded to make for more cargo room.




Outlander bagged excellent test results from different safety testing institutes; therefore, you need not worry about safety while deliberating on the idea of going for an Outlander AWD lease. It comes fully fitted with a driver assistance tech and standard safety features like forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, and a whole lot more.


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