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Mercedes Glb-250 G-Class

Welcome to the all-new 2020 Mercedes GLB-250, which already seeks to impress. The GLB-250 is here to make a statement to become a fierce competitor in the world of automobiles.

The GLB is an intelligent compact, in the same way that the GLS is elegant, worthy of its incomparable grill, and Mercedes emblem. The vertical position and large windows of the GLB very well imitate the look and feel of the larger Mercedes, a break from the crossover style of the A-Class. Its square shape also optimizes ease of access and space interior.



The straight, square shape of the body optimizes the interior space. Mercedes says the moderate height and less harsh windshield should appeal to older drivers and passengers.

The interior is a blend of the type of modern technology and tasteful restraint that we would expect from a premium automaker. A seven-inch instrument cluster and a seven-inch multimedia screen (with optional

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