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  • June 17, 2020
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  • Comments Off on VIP’s Top 5 Rated 3rd Row Luxury SUV Countdown
mercedes driving on street with 3 rows

The third part in our top 5 series for 3rd row SUVs: Luxury edition



The 2020 BMW X7 is not only one of the best SUVs in the BMW lineup but also one of the best 3rd-row vehicles in the whole market. The base model of the X7 comes with a 335 HP engine 3 liter V6 that is turbocharged that can get about 20 mpg. It has more than enough power and acceleration for lane changing, passing, and entering the highway. The luxurious detailed cabin is a top-selling point for the X7. It has a 12-inch touch screen that is large enough and easy enough to use that anyone can learn to use it in no time.


Mercedes GLS

The all-new redesigned 2020 Mercedes GLS  has some features that really make it stand out as a 3rd-row vehicle. There are two trims available, the base with a 362 turbocharged engine

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