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a used car with little value in NYC

It has been reported lately that many New Yorkers are selling their old cars. This is happening because many people have lost their jobs and unemployment rates are high. People are looking to earn some extra money while removing the extra expenses associated with owning a second car.

While many people might be tempted to go out and buy a used car off the market in NYC, there is a better option. A better option that is more convenient, less expensive, and less of a headache; that is to lease a car in NYC.


What is buying a used car a bad idea?


Buying a used car is not the best idea, especially not in the current economy.

First, buying a used car requires physically going out and shopping. Sure you can try to find the car you want online, but a used car can potentially have many issues. It is always

graph showing recession in NYC

2020 has been a wild year full of ups and downs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now the US economy is in a recession it means there is negative gross across all sectors. But whenever there is a downturn in the economy, it means there is also an opportunity for those who look for it. In this case leasing a brand new car might be one of the best options out there for many reasons. 

First, US car manufacturers have all experienced the downturn very hard. This means that there are exceptional deals when it comes to getting the car of your dreams. Especially since in NYC, the unemployment rate is hovering around 16%. People are out of work and short on cash. But that does not mean there are not great options out there for you.

Cheaper payments

Leasing a car can be significantly cheaper than buying a car. This is one

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