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September: The In Depth 2021 BMW X6 Luxury Car Review

Ever since the introduction of the BMW X-series, it has been a fan favorite amongst its users and spectators alike. The same can be said, especially for the X6, which has also proved to be consistent in performance and design. The luxury SUV ranks alongside the best in this category.

With so much acclamation and positive reviews, the 2020 version has earned thus far; the 2021 BMW X6, has quite the reputation to uphold. Below, we would be describing the changes and upgrades made in the 2021 version of the BMW X6, notable differences between it and its predecessor, and the benefits when you lease the 2021 BMW X6.


There have been no changes in the engine of the 2021 BMW X6. A credible 3.0L turbocharged engine will power the SUV. This engine will be capable of producing a sufficient 335 worth of horsepower and torque of 330-pound feet. Due to the distinctive nature of the turbocharged inline-6 engine used by the 2021 BMW X6, boosts at low and high RPMs are achievable with a twin-scroll turbo. This function makes the use of a more complex twin-turbo layout irrelevant. It also packs an 8-speed auto transmission, with a hybrid battery of 48V capacity taking charge of the entire vehicle’s electrical system.

Exterior Design

The 2021 BMW X6 is to come with a similar design of the previous version. The 2021 BMW X6 will feature an extended hood, a shortened front, a primary BMW kidney grille, rear glass and overhangs, a D-pillar, and a wavy roofline. The roofline of the X6 complements its overall rigid design and style. One of the significant changes from the 2020 version is the Riverside Blue Metallic shade, which was swapped with Phytonic Blue Metallic instead.

Interior Design

The interior space of the 2021 BMW X6 feels a lot more premium and luxurious than ever before. The control center of the vehicle is to come with a textured glass finishing, with a sculpted and engraved knob utilized for the gear stick. The cargo space is finished with unique leather, which will be seen on the seats, on the dashboard, on the console, and least common areas of the interior. With some extra bucks, you can likewise opt for the more expensive Merino leather for a more luxurious finish. The 2021 BMW X6 will also spot a sixteen-way power front seats and four-way lumbar support.

Technology and Infotainment

The 2021 BMW X6 will come packed with the latest and best-performing systems in the world. It will possess the latest 7.0 iDrive infotainment system. A big 12.3-inch touch screen will grace the center console of the vehicle, which will support voice commands and optional gesture controls. The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features will be present, with lots of USB-C ports provided for easy connectivity. There will also be an inbuilt Navigation system in the 2021 BMW X6, coupled with a ten-speaker stereo system for audible guidance and incredible musical entertainment.

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