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September: Meet The 2021 BMW M340i: A Full Review

In the family of the BMW 3-series, there is always one model that surpasses every performance-related expectation. That model is the BMW M340i. The sedan always comes out on top in spec sheet comparisons with other similar vehicles, both from the BMW industry and beyond. The BMW M340i has been known to pack the necessary punch ever since it was introduced to the BMW series. We’re talking about massive horsepower and output designed to reach incredible speeds and acceleration. The trend doesn’t seem to change with the 2021 version of the BMW M340i. With many promises of enhanced performance and improved handling from the previous version, much is expected from the latest version. Such upgrades will help decide if it will be the best option to lease the 2021 BMW M340i. Below, we will be describing upgrades made to the 2021 BMW M340i, and the aspects of the sedan that remains the same.


Just as hinted above, the 2021 BMW M340i has what it takes to surpass every expectation. It will come with a standard 3.0L turbocharged inline-6 engine, which will be combined with a ZF 8-speed auto transmission. The engine will deliver a stable output of 369 pound-feet of torque within the range of 1600-4500 rpm. A horsepower output of 382 will be attainable within the range of 5000-6500 rpm. There will also be a massive boost in performance, with the 2021 BMW M340i going for the option of an all-wheel-drivetrain. The 2021 BMW M340i will be one of the quickest BMW sedans to date.

Interior Design and Cargo Space

The BMW M340i hasn’t felt more premium than the 2021 version. The interior of the 2021 BMW M340i will be designed with luxurious SensaTec faux-leather upholstery, which will be spotted on first and second-row seats, as well as the interior of the door. The cargo space will be a minimal but usable 17 cubic feet used for primary storage.

Exterior Design

The only significant change made to the 2021 BMW M340i will be a slight increase in size. Besides that, the exterior designs are similar to the previous version. The 2021 BMW M340i will look more masculine than the predecessor, due to the rear spoilers. The grilles will also be modified and be different from the normal 3-series. It will also have a standard 18-inch wheel, with an option to select 19-inch ones, according to your preference.


The 2021 BMW M340i will come with the latest BMW iDrive 7. An 8.8-inch touch screen will be at the center of the console, which will be used mostly for navigation and multimedia reasons. It will come with standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for connectivity, despite the previous version lacking the latter. There will also be Bluetooth connectivity, AM/FM Radio, Satellite Navigation, and USB inputs to provide options for mobile interactions. It will also come with an auto-drive, with speeds of 37 miles per hour and lower permitted. This feature can be a major pioneer for vehicular autopilots in the future.

All these and more is what you can get from the 2021 BMW M340i. To get an affordable lease price, do not hesitate to call Viplease. Contact us at 1204 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305 https://viplease.com/ for your best 2021 BMW Cars lease deals.

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