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    Are you think about selling your used car in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, & Staten Island? Why not cut out the middle man, save time, and money and trade it in for a brand new car lease. At Vip Auto Lease NYC we are running a new deal to help you get the most amount of money for your used car.

    The alternative is outdated, time-consuming, and burdensome. You had to:

    • wash the car
    • put a sign in the window
    • list it on multi websites
    • meet with potential buyers
    • ensure payment
    • handle paperwork and negotiations

    But, these days are over. If you live in or around NYC you can simply fill out the form on the page, with your contact information and the details and a picture of the car. We will get back to you ASAP with a quote for top dollar for your used car.

    The beauty of it all is that you can do this all from the comfort of your home. No driving around car lot to car lot, No shady sales tactics, we are here to make selling your used car as simple as possible.

    When you sell or trade in your car with VIP Auto Lease you can instantly take the trade-in value, and apply it to a brand new 2020 and 2021 car lease.

    This saves you time and money in the following ways:

    • lowers the overall cost of the lease
    • drops the monthly lease payment
    • No additional down payment

    Leasing a car in NYC has never been easier, where you can shop, compare, and get real time lease quotes all online. We even deliver the new car right to your door.

    Used Car Trade In FAQ:

    What is the best way to sell my used car in NYC?
    VIP Auto Lease offers the highest mount for any used car in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, & Staten Island. The process is simple, straight forward and can be started online. You can then apply this credit to leasing a brand new car.
    How do I sell my car to VIP Auto Lease?
    It’s Easy! Simply complete the form at the bottom including your:
    Name, Email, Number, Make, Model, Year, Mileage, & a picture
    Can I get a quote on my used car online? Yes! VIP Auto Lease of NYC allows you to get real quotes 100% online from us for your used car.
    What paperwork do I need to sell my car in Manhattan? Maintenance records, Inspection report, Proof of identification, Vehicle title
    Can I trade in my used car for a leased car?
    Yes, You can absolutely trade in your used car and use the money for a lease. We have been helping clients from Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx get top dollar for their used car.
    What model cars can I lease in NYC?
    We have the best lease deals in all of the 5 boroughs of NYC on the hottest vehicles like:
    BMW, Jeep, GMC, Cadillac, Volvo, Chevrolet, Mercedes, And more
    How can I get the lowest lease rates for a car in NYC?
    By doing several things you can ensure you get the lowest car lease in the city:
    Maintain a high credit score, Trade in your used vehicle, Check your lease terms (like the mileage limit), Lease online, Larger down payments mean lower monthly lease payments
    What are the benefits of trading in my old car?
    When the time comes that you need a new car one of the biggest headaches comes with selling your used car. If you wish to do this on the private market you need to wash it, put a sign on it, show it to potential buyers, clear checks, etc. But when you sell to VIP Auto Lease in NYC you get a competitive price for your used car, and you can instantly apply it towards reducing your lease price.
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