After the 2019 model year refresh, which still relatively modern, typically, we wouldn’t be expecting much from the new Nautilus—if only the Nautilus were your average everyday car. This luxury midsize SUV is back with more exciting tweaks and redesigns that make leasing the Lincoln Nautilus even more compelling. Besides the tweaked lower front bumper, there’s no other significant change in its exterior styling. However, the inside is completely overhauled. Its updated interior features a new dashboard design with a larger 13.2-inch infotainment display linked to the latest version of Ford’s Sync 4 operating system.

Engine And Performance

Under the hood of the 2021 Nautilus is a standard turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that 250 generates horsepower. It pairs with an eight-speed automatic transmission and can go with a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. A 2.7-liter turbocharged V6 that pumps out 335 horsepower is optional. None of the engines ever feels underpowered in city driving. The available [...]

With every model year, Lincoln keeps setting the bar high for American-style luxury, and this time, it’s with the mid-size Aviator SUV. Although not much has changed in the 2021 Aviator model besides the optional 21- and 22-inch wheel designs and three new colors, the Aviator is still a much desirable SUV. Walking on the same footprint as the brand’s famous Navigator, the Aviator offers similar luxury, style, and comfort and tops it by been more agile and fun to drive. If you need a smaller package of the Navigator, leasing the 2021 Lincoln Aviator AWD is the next big deal.

Engine And Performance

The Aviator comes with a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine with 400 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque. Also, a plug-in-hybrid powertrain that uses the same twin-turbo engine but pairs with an electric motor to produce 494 horsepower is optional. The 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged is hooked with a 10-speed automatic transmission. While rear-wheel [...]

With the introduction of the new Mazda3 hatchback, the Mazda brand has again shown the auto market its readiness to make cars with a broader appeal. Rather than focusing more on speed, just what most of the younger shoppers would prefer, the Mazda prioritizes engaging drive manners and near-luxury trimmings at a mainstream price, just what will appeal to a broader spec of shoppers. Its athletic handling, quick acceleration, refined cabin, and a class-above experience that it offers make the 2021 Mazda Mazda3 Hatchback lease deal one of the most desirable in its segment.


For the 2021 model year, a new 2.5-liter turbocharged engine that pumps out up to 250 horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque is now available. Its base engine is now a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 155 horses. The previous model year’s 2.5-liter four-cylinder with 186-horsepower is still available, but not as the standard engine this time. And while a [...]

The Navigator is the most premium iteration in the Lincoln lineup. Since it was established in 1998, the Lincoln Navigator has always been intended to be a full-size luxury SUV. History also has it that the Navigator is the heaviest vehicle ever to be manufactured by Lincoln, alongside its counterpart, the Ford Expedition. It is also the first Lincoln luxury SUV to have the largest cargo capacity and the highest number of passengers it can contain, besides the Limousine. The Navigator is currently being produced in Louisville, Kentucky, since 2007. The production in Wayne, Michigan, lasted from 1997 to 2009. The Navigator only has four generations under its belt, with the fourth being in 2018.

The Newly Launched Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator lacks neither cabin space nor legroom. It is one of the most spacious luxury SUVs you could ever see, with the Cadillac Escalade being a major contender in that department. The comfort [...]

The Cadillac Escalade has always been recognized as a beacon and role model for other high-end luxury SUVs to emulate. Being the most premium option in the Cadillac lineup, the Escalade has a lot of reputation to uphold year after year. The Cadillac Escalade was introduced in the year 1999. This introduction was a competitive response to Mercedes, Lexus, Range Rover, and Ford to release the M-Class, LX, and Lincoln Navigator, respectively. The Escalade is one of General Motors’ best-selling luxury vehicles, with lots of copies sold in North America, Europe, and some parts of Asia. The Cadillac Escalade is currently in its fifth generation.

About The Latest Cadillac Escalade

Nothing should excite you more than being opportune to lease the 2021 Cadillac Escalade. This SUV is the definition of luxury. It is one of those vehicles that will make you appreciate how big a vehicle can get because the Escalade has no trade-off between [...]

The GLE-Class joined the Mercedes lineup in the year 1997. It was initially known as the Mercedes M-Class before the German Auto manufacturer renamed it. The GLE is a wonderful mid-size 4×4 luxury sedan, slightly bigger than the GLS-Class and smaller than the GLS-Class. The Mercedes GLE was initially produced in Austria by Magna Steyr in Graz. From 1999 to 2002, this production occurred when manufacturing was later shifted to a U.S plant in Alabama near Vance. More assembly locations of the GLE were later made available in Indonesia and India. The Mercedes GLE-Class had its name changed from the M-Class in April 2015. This SUV has also had four generational changes since its inception.

The Newly Unveiled Mercedes GLE350

The Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class hasn’t strayed so far from its roots in manufacturing over the years. It has maintained that similar style and aura that the GLE-Class has been known for a while, providing newer technology [...]

The GMC Terrain is a relatively new vehicle in the Auto Industry. Its first generation was introduced as late as April 2009 in a New York International Auto Show. The GMC Terrain was manufactured to stop the production of the Pontiac Torrent, which ended in 2010 when the Terrain was released into the market. The GMC Terrain only has two generations, with the second generation taking place in the year 2018. The Terrain has gone ahead to have model trims, such as the SLT and the Denali, all in a bid to earn more public approval and appeal to customer’s needs. The Terrain is also one of GMC’s smallest SUVs, just falling behind Acadia in size.

The All-New GMC Terrain

Some drivers would say that the GMC Terrain is uninspiring. While some might be exaggerated, there is an ounce of truth in it, especially when comparing the base SL trims to Denali’s likes. The base [...]

The BMW X5 has been a long-time favorite of so many SUV drivers because BMW somehow managed to touch on every important aspect that makes an SUV admirable and appealing. Started in 1999, the BMW X5 was initially known as the E53. This mid-size luxury crossover spans four generations, with its second-generation making a debut in 2006, known as the E70. It was one of the first luxury vehicles that offered an option for an automatic or manual transmission. Despite being a German vehicle, the X5 is being manufactured in Greer in South Carolina. It, however, undergoes a few armor modifications and assembly in Mexico and Russia, respectively. The BMW always feels overshadowed by its German counterpart, the Mercedes, but it doesn’t hinder them from releasing wonderful vehicles now and then; the X5 is one of them.

The Latest BMW X5

The 2021 BMW X5 still maintains its extreme and underrated performance levels, with its [...]

One of the most popular Jeep models, without a doubt, the Grand Cherokee has had quite the Auto Industry run since it first made its debut in 1983. It’s also one of the older Jeep models in existence and the most effective. Fun fact: Chrysler employees manufactured the first Grand Cherokee, which was before the American Motors Corporation bought their way out of their contract with Chrysler in 1987, granting them independence in the Auto Industry. Despite originating in 1983, the Grand Cherokee was given a formal and official debut in 1992 at the North American International Show, hosted in Michigan, Detroit. Production of the Grand Cherokee is also done in Detroit, with a European variant being done in Austria.

2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee has benefitted a lot from the technology upgrades of modern times. It has also maintained a standard of class and unique performance levels ever since it debuted. Interior [...]

The Compass is a relatively new SUV when compared to other models out there. It has spanned only two generations since its introduction in 2007. However, the second generation took quite a while to be introduced, with its debut coming in 2016 late September in Los Angeles and Brazil. The first Jeep Compass was assembled in Belvidere, Illinois, which is of huge significance to the Compass manufacturers. The Jeep Compass was created to target first-time Jeep drivers and target drivers that often do not apply on bumpy roads. The Compass sales haven’t had a notable high or low since its production, which puts it in the midrange category.

The Latest Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass has been quite underwhelming after failing to surpass competitors like the Cherokee in terms of performance. What the 2021 Jeep Compass has, however, is a captivating appearance. It has that magnificent look and looks of grandeur to it. It’s like [...]

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