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Meet The 2021 BMW Alpina B7: An Extensive Review

The Alpina B7 series has been incredible in the BMW lineup, with its performance being the defining quality. Although it has a lot of similarities with the seven series, it has the edge over it with a boost in power. The 2021 Alpina B7 sedan doesn’t shy away from luxury, either. It also provides elegant styling and color options that were lacking in previous BMW models. It also comes at a fantastic price, which makes the value for money excellent.

But like other vehicles, it also faces competition from various car models seeking to have the upper hand against it. Below, we would be reviewing the multiple components of the 2021 BMW Alpina B7 to enlighten you on what could be your next dream car.


The 2021 BMW Alpina B7 is powered by a 4.4 twin-turbocharged V8, giving the sedan an incredible 590 lb.-ft of torque and 600 horsepower, which is more than capable of providing you that speed you love. It reaches 60 miles per hour in just three and a half seconds, making it one of the quickest accelerating sedans of the decade. It also has an amazing cooling system to ensure the V8 engine stays protected from extreme use. The fuel consumption of its 4.4 liters is also very economical.


Though it isn’t much different from the interior of the 2020 Alpina B7, the 2021 Alpina B7 has a luxurious touch. It features the use of a high-quality Nappa Leather, which gives the interior a premium look. The 2021 BMW Alpina B7 offers 18.2 cubic feet of space, with small storages like door pockets and cup holders available in the cabin.


The 2021 BMW Alpina B7 comes with a default 20-inch alloy wheel, and an optional 21-inch wheel. The slim exhaust system is also available, with a pair of taillights on either side of the vehicle that pairs the front bumper. It should come in a variety of colors, such as the Mineral White, Black Sapphire, Glacier Silver, Alpina Blue Metallic, and Alpina Green Metallic color. The 2021 model should have similar dimensions to the 2020 model.


The 2021 BMW Alpina B7 comes with the latest technological advancements a vehicle of its standards requires. It has two screens; a 10.25-inch touchscreen central to the car, which displays information, and a 12.3-inch screen for secondary uses. It also has the latest connectivity, like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, SiriusXM, Bluetooth, and two USB ports. It uses the Harman Kardon Surround Sound Audio System, which has a sixteen speaker setup. All these are powered by the user-friendly iDrive 7.0 Operating System, which is very smart and has incredible voice recognition.

The 2021 BMW Alpina B7 is an overall impressive vehicle. To lease the 2021 BMW Alpina B7, pay a visit to Viplease for the best lease offers. You can locate us at 1204 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305 https://viplease.com/, to get your lease deal started.

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