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Welcome to VIP, where you can lease car right now from our online inventory at the guaranteed best prices without leaving your home.
You car can be delivered to you anywhere in the Northeast today!

VIP Auto makes it to the heart of the big apple. The Group has been a prominent NYC Car Lease Dealer, with offices littered around the big apple region. Its new office in Manhattan is in line with the company’s vision of getting the dealership close to you, wherever you are across the US. Having established strong links with many cars manufactures, banks and insurance establishment, you are guaranteed of getting only but the very best of the best when negotiating for your new ride.

With a strong pedigree that can be traced back to the Northeast. The Group’s main corporate office is located in the Staten Island borough of New York City. However, our increasing well-deserved reputation for delivering excellent auto rental services has catalysed the opening of big branches across the US. We now have walk-in offices in Miami, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. With more still to come. All thanks to the myriads of tech innovations, our leading-edge nationwide inventory system can be accessed by anyone anytime, regardless of the country. We will ship the car to you.

VIP Auto Group has risen to meet the needs of numerous patriotic Americans, enabling them to get their choice cars at the least possible lease rates that leaves no room for haggling, less paperwork, and much more, a stress-free negotiation that is pioneered to see you get your car in time. Our sales offices are scattered throughout New York City and Westchester County. Our Westchester County office provides unbeatable lease deals to our New Rochelle, White Plains, and Yonkers area clients. This time around, it will be much easier for Manhattan residents, as the company is closer to their doorstep than ever before.

Most people believe that there’s nothing that can beat a physical walk-in store. They are right! That’s why the new VIP walk-in office in Manhattan. Several factors sum up to make VIP Auto Group your number one car dealership.

Everything about us is all inclined on placing the power of buying a new car in your hands. Our persistent day to day perusing of inventory and pricing helps arrive at the best deals on all new vehicles. Our inventory is sourced direct from the makers, cancelling any form of high commissions, surcharges, and markups and in general, getting us a much reduced overhead cost. This now makes it possible for us to provide our teeming clients with an unbeatable lease rate.

VIP Auto Lease NYC 506 W 150th St #3C New York, NY 10031 (646) 568-5288

Whatever your choice car, make or model is, our Manhattan office is able and running to assist you to have your new car, parked in your garage as soon as possible. Our no haggling, less paperwork and no headache leasing negotiating are available on all our cars including the Cadillac, Mazda, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, GMC, Chrysler, and so much more. Make your choice and let our immaculate staff at Manhattan help you go through the seamless process. Welcome to our Big Apple Office!