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Family men and women this article is for you. Family planning is extremely important when buying a car. That’s right, how many kids you plan on having and in what time span will in essence be the biggest factor in the car you choose. This is what makes leasing so attractive for families planning to have kids. Generally, after the second kid the mid-size sedan loses it’s appeal and needs to be exchanged for a larger car. After the 3rd kid it’s usually time for a mini-van. Now, if you are not leasing a car and you plan on buying and selling every few years as your family grows- you are looking at a nightmare scenario. Cars are all about quality of life so if you have to upgrade every few years as your family grows it will be the biggest headache in the world for you. With the great lease deals in our state of NJ, why would you waste your time buying? Do not get hit by these pitfalls, if you are all about family- lease a car!