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Leasing A Luxury Car; A Better Value Than You Thought

Given the obvious benefits of leasing a vehicle customers can choose to get vehicles which they would never be able to afford if buying. However, leasing higher end models is also a feasible option that not a lot of people conform to, yet is much more accessible than ordinary people think. Imagine the thrill of driving a new BMW, whilst paying only a small portion of the price of the luxury car. Let’s get into a little bit more detail on how the dynamics of leasing higher end models work!

How is the process of the luxury car any different?

For starters, dealers, companies, and consumers that indulge in the matters of luxury cars think and deal different. They have different priorities and goals in mind, compared with others with similar interests. People who have a taste for luxury cars also have a mindset that goes with it. They look for efficiency, easiness and are always on the lookout for methods that can save their time whilst simultaneously making them look as classy and elegant as they can. They are loyal to particular brands and focus on building relationships rather than bargain now and then.

Higher end models – a better lease option?

Luxury cars are said to be better options if you’re considering for a lease. This is due to high lease-end residual values relative to MSRP. Furthermore, statistics dictate that luxury cars are leased more often than other cars due to this factor. The main reason that we’re considering here is for companies such as BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and those of similar caliber. These cars have high resale value, an important factor to consider when using the buy-out clause. Furthermore, these cars offer luxuries and comfort and often serve as a metric for social distinction as well. This is one of the main reasons why their value over time, as compared to other cars, does not fall significantly. Since the residual value is still high (at the end of a lease term), this essentially means that the capitalized cost is relatively low. Furthermore, this translates to less monthly payments as compared to other cars. Normal cars have low-residual value, which means that they depreciate greatly. This, simply put, does not happen to luxury cars. This is why high-end leasers chose to invest in luxury cars instead since it is the smarter alternative regarding finance.

Claiming deals and discounts

The automotive companies mentioned here are reputable worldwide and provide for a clientele that is generally well-off and don’t concern themselves with minor finances. To keep up an image of exclusivity, these companies don’t offer downright discounts and sales, lest their social value decreases. However, they offer subtle incentives in the matter which makes them more approachable such as low money factors and high-residuals. It is always best to be on the lookout for such signs.

Another easy alternative to the aforementioned method is to take over an existing lease by someone who wants out of the original deal. A person may want out of a deal due to several factors, the person inheriting the deal will have the benefit of low monthly payment with the down-payment already paid!

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