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In-Depth 2019 Cadillac Escalade ESV Review

The 2019 Cadillac Escalade is the latest full size luxury SUV released by Cadillac. With prices starting out at seventy five thousand dollars without even talking about upgrades which can push the car into upwards of six figures, the Escalade is an expensive car. If upfront payment is not an option, the 2019 Escalade can be leased at around $845 a month. Before making an expensive purchase like this, buyers will want to make that they are getting their money’s worth so in this review we will be breaking down the different aspects of the Escalade so buyers can decide for themselves whether it is a worthwhile purchase.

The Escalade is an upscale vehicle and this fact is on full display when looking at the exterior. The car comes in a variety of different colors and with a variety of different choices offered for the trim of the car including a chrome trim, a blackout trim with the sport package, and more. The car comes equipped with a flashy chrome grille in front with the Cadillac logo in a prominent location smack in the middle of the grille. While driving in a public area, onlookers will be sure to know that this car is a Cadillac. Aside from the base Escalade, all models are fitted with twenty two inch alloy wheels which fit very well into the mold of the car. While the profile of the Escalade may be similar to the cheaper non luxury Chevy Tahoe, the details and styling of the Escalade separate it from other SUVs giving it the look of a luxury vehicle which exudes wealth and power.

Another area where the Escalade excels is in the top notch comfort of the car and the overall interior. The interior of the Escalade is vast fitting up to eight passengers yet it only has fifteen feet of cubic storage space just in the trunk. With the seats down this number is much greater. If this still isn’t enough space, buyers can look at the Cadillac Escalade ESV model which is the larger version of the standard car. The ESV has over thirty nine cubic feet of storage space in the trunk and if the last two rows are folded down the ESV has a ridiculously large number of around one hundred and twenty cubic feet of storage space. The seats of the Escalade are a soft comfortable material which will satisfy most customers in terms of comfort. The first two rows of seats have the heated seats but the front also has the option for ventilated seats. Because of the size of the car, passengers in the rear seats have their own panel for climate control. Those who are truly serious about their comfort can splurge on the platinum trim which comes equipped with excellent massage seats. The platinum version also includes eighteen-way power seats instead of the twelve-way which come standard with most other versions of the Escalade. The comfort of the car certainly meets the criteria for a luxury vehicle.

The performance of the 2019 Cadillac Escalade is best in class and is yet another area in which the car certainly reaches the criteria for a luxury vehicle. All versions of the Escalade come with a 6.2 liter V-8 engine which provides four hundred and twenty horsepower and four hundred and sixty pound-feet of torque. These high numbers are necessary to combat the hefty weight of the car. The V-8 engine bestows the car with an extremely good acceleration from stop as well as an exceptional passing speed. The V-8 engine also empowers the car with up to and a over a whopping eight thousand pounds of towing capacity. The car also comes standard with a ten speed automatic transmission which serves its purpose well on the road. The car comes standard with rear wheel drive which also serves its purpose well on the road but for those who want, there is an optional all wheel drive system. With this engine, the Escalade has an average miles per gallon number for a large SUV at fourteen mpg for city driving and an exceptional twenty three mpg for highway driving. Buyers beware though the Escalade does indeed require a premium more expensive gas when filling up the tank so be sure to tank this into account when shopping around.

An area where the 2019 Cadillac Escalade may not live up to its luxury class is safety. The NHTSA gave the Escalade just four stars overall which may alarm some people. The Escalade was also given an abysmal three star rating for rollover. For an expensive luxury car buyers may expect to see higher safety scores for the Escalade. The base model comes standard with a rearview camera, six airbags, stability control, and more. Other important features like active lane control, blind spot monitoring, both low and high speed automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and more only come with upgraded trims. This may dishearten some as much of this safety technology comes standard with many other rival cars in the SUV class.

In terms of other features unrelated to safety, the Escalade offers something for everybody. From heated to massage seats, if the price is right, everyone can tailor the Escalade seats to their comfort. Music lovers interested in the Escalade may be excited to learn about the sixteen speaker bose sound system that comes standard with the Escalade. Passengers can control the speaker from the eight inch infotainment display which comes with the capability for Android Auto and Apple Carplay. For those who want more they can upgrade to the premium luxury trim which comes with a Blu-ray entertainment system for the rear seat passengers. For those who want even more they can upgrade to the Escalade platinum which comes with massage seats, an even higher quality, softer leather, and a wood trim which adds a very nice touch.

While the Escalade may be expensive for some, the car competes well with competition in the luxury SUV class. Although in some areas, rival cars may offer more for less, buyers who want that Cadillac feel as well as a luxurious well performing car, the Escalade is a good option.

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