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First Responder Lease Deals NY

VIP Auto Lease Offers First Responders Discounts & Deals From ALL the top car manufactures. Anyone in uniform residing in New York City (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island & Manhattan), Westchester County as well as Nassau & Suffolk County Long Island should call us now to learn about there breakthrough deep discounts on on a new auto lease.

 We offer discounts to any 1st respondents including:

 Police (NYPD and out of NYC)
Correctional Officers
State Troopers
Federal Law Enforcement (FBI) etc.
Fire Departments like FDNY
EMT’s & Paramedics
911 Dispatchers

 and much more.

With genuine efforts to reward the most selfless set of people in our community, NYC has so many leasing discounts for first responders across NY. Regardless of what your profession might be, be it policing, firefighting, state trooper, correctional officer, EMT, federal law enforcement officer, or 911 dispatcher, our special incentives are there for you. You can now take advantage of our first respondents’ leasing discounts available on numerous auto brands.

The duty and obligation of first responders is a very daunting one that requires lots of courage and balls to pull through. To this end, many automakers and dealerships have devised means to show this brave category of individual love and admiration for their selfless sacrifice towards ensuring a better society. The VIP Auto lease deals in NY are not left out. Working together with many auto manufacturers, we now have a strong lineup of vehicles in our inventory, with special leasing incentives all available to every first responder in NYC and even outside NY. Our generous discounts together with other extra value leasing incentives and an effortless leasing process; a stress-free, headache-free, and time conscious lease is our unique way of saying big thank you to all ever gallant first responders across the US.

Despite the brand of your chosen car, be rest assured that our special lease incentives and discounts for first responders are there to help you drive home with any of the latest brand models. If you’re a first responder, a police officer, EMT, firefighter, state trooper, 911 dispatcher and et cetera in NY or even outside, never waste a minute before taking on our exclusive discounts.


Who’s Eligible?

Our special discounts for first responders in NYC is specifically channeled to benefit everyone, whose duty and obligation involves rendering support and assistance to the society in times of distress. In cases of emergencies like an accident, fire outbreak, or any natural disasters, your job requires you to be at the forefront, delivering immediate remedy to the situation. If you’re a police officer, whether a sheriff, deputy sheriff or regular cop, firefighter, be it a paid or volunteer fighter, EMT or paramedics, 911 dispatcher, state trooper or federal law enforcement officer, you’re fully eligible for this special lease deal.

How To Go About It

Our first responders’ lease deal is specially streamlined to be so seamless and time-saving, without disrupting the busy schedule of our gallant service personnel. If you found yourself quite eligible for this mind-blowing limitless opportunity, all you have to do is to get in touch with us. Our experienced and reliable first responder specialists are always there to assist you through this leasing deal.

Different automakers offer different leasing programs with their peculiar special offers and discounts, eligibility benchmark, and expiration time. Notable amongst them include;



One of the forefront automakers that have been all out to appreciate all women and men that are always ready to give their all during emergencies to redress the situation is General Motors. Under the GM’s First Responder Discount program for Cadillac, all first responders in the US can now get up to $5,500 off on any leaseof their choice Cadillac vehicles, from the 2019 model year to the most recent models.

Eligibility: To qualify for the Cadillac leasing incentive, you must be on active service on any of the emergency service profession, ranging from a Policing, volunteering or paid fight fighting, 911 Dispatchers, and others.

Duration of offer: This special leasing incentive for first responders is valid till April 1, 2021.



It’s no news that the GM is all out to appreciate all emergency service personnel in the US for their selfless sacrifice, the GMC first responder discount is yet, another proof. The GM first responder discount for GMC is offering up to $2,500 off every GMC lease deal. This discount is applied to all GMC model lineup, from the 2019 model to the most recent model.

Eligibility: This discount is open to all first responders, from Police officers down to Paramedics.

Duration of offer: The GM first responder discount program on all GMC models is valid until April 1, 2021.



The GM first responder discount program is also available for the Chevrolet brand of the American auto giant. All gallant men and women of any emergency service establishment in the US can now enjoy up to $3,000 discount on any Chevrolet lease deal, starting from the 2019 models.

Eligibility: To qualify for this discount, you must be an active employee of any public authority.



Another automaker with a big heart for First responders is the Ford motors. Through the Ford First Responder Appreciation Program, all first responders can now get a $500 rebate on any Ford vehicle, starting from 2019 to the 2020 models.

Eligibility: This offer is open to all first responders in the US.

Duration of offer: The offer will be available till 2021.



To appreciate emergency service personnel in the US, the Lincoln First Responder Appreciation Program is offering a $500 rebate on all Lincoln lease deals, particularly the 2019 and 2020 year models.

Eligibility: This offer is open to all first responders in the US.



The German auto giant has shown deep appreciation to first responders in the US. The VW First Responder Bonus Package, with a $500 discount on VW lease deals, is a precise instance of the German automaker’s magnanimity.

Eligibility: The VW First Responder Bonus Package is open to all first responders in the US.

Duration of offer: this leasing special for emergency service personnel in the US is still Ongoing.



The Hyundai First Responder Program is designed to make owning a new Hyundai ride quite possible for all first responders. With a $500 discount on all Hyundai lease deals, you are on your way of having this modest luxury ride in your driveway.

Eligibility: Hyundai leasing specials for first responders is just as its name says; for first responders.



Sometime ago, BMW US announced a $750 discount on purchase or lease of any BMW lineup for people providing emergency services in the US. According to the automaker, the special discount is to serve as a token of appreciation for commitment and sacrifice made by the first responders.

Eligibility: To qualify for the BMW $750 discount, you must be an active employee of an emergency service outfit that is generally recognized. You must fall into the following category; a police or sheriff, FBI, US Coast Guard, DA, NSA, Port Authority Police, EMT, US Border Patrol, Fire department (either volunteer or paid service), DEA, US Public Health Services, and other public authority outfits.

Duration of offer:This unique opportunity to drive home with your choice Beamer is offered only but once. The incentive is valid from January 2, 2020, through December 31, 2020. All eligible first responders can now rush to our leasing outlets and let our first respondent experts take you through the seamless journey of owning your dream Beamer.

To get more info on other special incentives available for first responders, a chat with our first respondent staff will give you more in-depth insight.