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Early Hyundai Lease Exits

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How To Terminate Or Return Your Hyundai Lease

Welcome to VIP Auto. Aside from our exceptional Hyundai lease deal that includes the lowest possible lease prices and easy leasing process, we also deliver the most satisfying Honda lease exit plans. Hyundai offers stylish luxury cars at affordable pricing, which is enough reason for any shopper to go with the Hyundai lease deal. But if you want to terminate your lease for whatever reason, we will always provide you with the easiest way out.

Generally, terminating a lease early can be very stressful, energy-zapping, and comes with many financial losses. While you avoid all these by sticking with your lease, VIP Auto has made it possible for you to avoid all these unpleasantries while still ending your lease. Our lease exit services offer the most satisfying and easy ways for you to break your lease. All it takes is for you to pick up your phone, get in touch with our customer representative right from the comfort of your home, and we will help you with the best way for you to get out of your Hyundai lease with minimal losses.


Affordable Luxury With Hyundai

Think Hyundai think low-price, they say, but if you believe that the Hyundai is solely about low priced cars, you’ll be quite in for a surprise when you lease a new Hyundai. While Hyundai is, no doubt, synonymous with cheap near-luxury vehicles, there’s more to leasing a Hyundai.

Hyundai, from the Hyundai Motor Company, is a giant Korean automaker with headquarter in Seoul. Founded in 1967, this South Korean automotive manufacturer, Hyundai Motor Company, has earned much fame and popularity over the years, thanks to its stylish and affordable luxury cars. The Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company, which later gave birth to the Hyundai Motor Company, was founded by Chung Ju-Yung in 1947. Hyundai’s first car, the Cortina, was launched in 1968 in partnership with the Ford Motor company.

In its bid to produce what will later be the first South Korean car, Hyundai hired the former Managing Director of Austin Morris, George Turnbull, in 1974. He also helped Hyundai recruit other expatriates. And a year later, the Pony was launched. This first South Korean car was later exported to many countries, just a year after being launched in South Korea. While the Pony could not make it to the US market as it failed the emission standard, it found its way to the Canadian market, making a huge impact, even becoming a top-selling car. The first Hyundai car to make its way to the US market in 1986, the Excel, was rightly nominated “Best Product #10” by Fortune magazine, thanks to its value price tag.

The Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s impacted the South Korean auto industry. With the Kia Corporation so affected, Hyundai came to the rescue by acquiring a majority stake of Kia Motors. Hyundai also has other sub-brands, including the Genesis Motor and Ioniq, an all-electric vehicle sub-brand.

Leasing a Hyundai will always be a top choice for shoppers that appreciates sleek designs, spacious and comfortable cabin with loads of exciting features, and luxury trimmings—all at a very affordable price. If you dream about zooming down the road in the latest luxury car, leasing a Hyundai might just be the right place to start.

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