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Corporate Fleet Discounts

VIP Auto Lease Group is so bent on redefining the auto lease market in America and setting a standard across the world. All our private and corporate clients can now access our long list of outstanding auto lease deals at the comfort of their homes or office anywhere in the world. Besides our seamless and headache-free leasing procedure, you and your business can count on getting the most unbeatable lease incentives for your fleet leasing. Get in touch with us at VIP Auto Group and get your business cars delivered to your office anywhere in the US.

 Obtaining a car lease for your business is one of the most business-financial wise decision you’d ever have to make. Sadly enough, most corporations take this for granted. They fail to realize the subtle role these cars play for businesses. Getting a fleet auto lease for your business boost’s the image of the cooperation. There’s no more dignified way to pass an excellent prima facie than with a classy business ride. If you truly want to portray your organization as being a goal-driven and successful, getting a corporate auto lease is what you should buy into. For the fact that the business can afford a fleet, it speaks more of a successful and focused business entity. There’s no better way to boost your employees’ morale and attract the best brains to your organization than getting a business fleet.

 Generally, in the auto fleet leasing world, fleet buyers stand to enjoy an impressive discount. However, it just ends there—only the cuts. Of course, this general slash in the cost of the whole leasing is always of great benefit to the business. Whether it be a fleet management company or any other organization that requests for fleets, they’re very sure of gaining from these discounts. However, everything about these ends as it is, Discounts. VIP Auto Leasing Company has stepped up to challenge the status quo. With our specially mapped out discounts and incentives for corporate and fleet auto leasing, you stand to gain much more from getting a lease deal with us.

 Our overwhelmingly impressive discounts for corporate lease and fleet leasing deals covers many executive and classy car models and makes including Chrysler, Cadillac, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, GMC, Chevrolet, Lexus, and so much more.

 Every corporate organization has a peculiar brand or model that it makes available for its dedicated staff. Every fleet management company is renowned for mostly opting for a specific model all-round. We perfectly understand this, and that’s the more reason we have each of the cars’ makes and models available in fleets. All you’ve to do is to check out our impressive extended inventory and make your choice. If you have a hard time coming up at a fixed decision, or professional staff can offer you great assistance. Once you’ve made your choice, contact us, and let’s take you through our no haggles, no stress, and less paperwork leasing process that has made us stand out over the years in the leasing industry. We promise to give you a lease experience that you’ll forever look back and smile.