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Join The Nationwide Nissan Car Leasing Revolution in 2021

Whether you are looking for a sedan or SUV, the new 2021 Nissans have the best array of models to gulp down your needs in a car entirely. With better safety technology, more options, and more trims, you can lease any 2021 Nissan car, truck or SUV for less at VIP Auto Lease.

Nissan cars have gained much popularity and admirers, all thanks to its fuel-efficiency and low price. When it comes to a wide array of body designs and models to choose from…Nissan has it all. With Nissan, there’s always something for everyone.

Also, this car brand has shown continuously exemplary performance and comfort in the world of automobiles. All their car models and trucks are made with the highest quality and safety standards, making the Nissan brand an excellent option to buy. At VIP Auto Lease Deals in New York, there’s always a Nissan for everyone, with a price range that perfectly matches your budget. In our line-up of Nissan vehicles, there’s the Sentra, Maxima, Rogue, Versa, the ever famous and stylish Altima, and the Altima Coupe and Hybrid. All of these Nissan vehicles are available for leasing at the lowest lease price possible and outstanding service.

History Of The Nissan

Nissan Motors is a multinational automobile company that was formed by the merger of two smaller firms in 1925. It got its current name in 1934. Nissan Motors made it to the global auto market in the 1960s. Today, it has grown to one of the most popular automotive giants.

With its headquarter in Nishi-ku, Yokohama, the company manufactures, and marketits cars under the brand names of Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun. In 1999 the French automaker Renault bought a 37 percent stake in Nissan and later increased its share. This merger formed the then Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance. The year 2013 witnessed the rise of Nissan to the sixth largest automaker in the world. In the following year, 2014, Nissan grew to the largest car manufacturer in North America.

Nissan has also made an impact on the already rising electric vehicles. Just in 2018, it raked a global sales of over 320,000 in its all-electric cars. Notably,the all-electric vehicle of the brand is the Nissan LEAF. The future of Nissan promises lots of wins.

With That Said, Here are the Nissan top Nissan picks:

2021 Nissan Sentra

If there’s any list of Nissan cars that should be in your garage, the Sentra should be in there. Right from 1982, the Sentra has been one of the best choices. The interior of this Nissan model offers adequate cargo space. Its two-row seats can comfortably seat adult passengers. The large trunk and user-friendly infotainment system make for a relishing ride experience.

Aside from its decent fuel efficiency, the Nissan Sentra Lease Deal has been more flavored than ever before as the sedan now comes with a more powerful engine and smooth ride.

2021 Nissan Altima

Altima is Nissan’s best selling car. It has been in the auto markets for years, with each year, introducing a more refreshed Altima. The family sedan offers all you need in a sedan; from luxury to ample space, and powerful engine.

Perhaps, the best selling Nissan car might give you what you want. Besides its frugality and finesse, its clever mix of family crafted luxury and comfort, with high-end features, should be worth considering for a Nissan Altima Lease Deal.

2021 Nissan Rogue

In the long list of buyers choice in compact crossovers is the Nissan Rogue. The Rogue offers an all-round driving capability, in addition to its fuel efficiency, synonymous with all Nissan cars.

A Nissan Rogue Lease Deal should be on the agenda of anyone looking for a compact crossover with user-friendly features, handsome styling, and roomy interior with substantial cargo capacity.

Besides the models mentioned above, other modelsare available at the VIP AUTO LEASE in NY. We offer the least possible prices that you can’t get anywhere. We also promise a stress-free deal, as your car will be in your driveway in the shortest time possible.

Top Sentra, Rogue & Altima Leasing Deals

When you think about Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. you think about a Japanese car that will last you a long time with a transmission and engine that is practically invincible. There luxury model is the well known Infinite and the brand has not disappointment US consumers since it’s inception in the states. Although in 1999 Nissan created an alliance with Renault & Mitsubishi, it’s safe to say that those brands do not represent it.

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More About Nissan

Nissan can date its history back to the turn of the 20th century when in 1911 Masujiro Hashimoto founded the Kwaishinsha Motor Car works and released its first car the Dat. In 1934 the Tokyo based auto company changed its name to the Nissan Motor Company.

In 1935 Nissan produced the Datsun, a small box-like passenger vehicle that caught the attention of early consumers. They actually began exporting cars to Australia the very same year.

Starting in 1938 and lasting throughout World War II Nissan suspended their car manufacturing in order to produce military vehicles for the Japanese war effort.

After the war ended in 1945 the allied forces took over the Nissan factory and the production operations and held it for the next decade preventing Nissan from being able to get back to car manufacturing until the mid-1950s. By 1958 Nissan Models imported the first Datsun Sedan to the United States.

However, the Japanese owners and CEOs of Nissan hit the ground running once they regained control. By 1960 Nissan became the very first Japanese car company to win the Deming Prize for engineering excellence. In addition to winning the Deming Prize, the 1960s proved good for building the Nissan Motor Company’s reputation especially with the Datsun models such as the Bluebird (1959), The Cedric (1960) and the Sunny (1966) spurning Nissan sales abroad.


The Energy Crisis Proves Profitable for Nissan

In the 1970s the energy crisis hit and consumers who had prided themselves on driving large gas-guzzling automobiles found themselves looking for vehicles that were smaller and more fuel-efficient. This spurred the sales of exports of more fuel-efficient Japanese made cars.

The energy crisis combined with the government becoming concerned about the effect of auto emissions on the environment and stricter regulations and the fact that the 3rd generation Sunny got the highest score on tests by the United States EPA for fuel economy allowed Nissan’s sales to soar and further expand to other countries.

By the late 1970s, Nissan had become one of the world’s largest automobile exporters and their manufacturing plants now are in 17 different countries all around the world.


Nissan’s Growth

While Nissan made its reputation and name as the manufacture of well made small energy-efficient vehicles they continued to grow and now includes in its line up larger vehicles like their SUVs and their Pick Up trucks. In 2003 Nissan introduces the first full-sized truck the Titan.


Nissan’s 2021 Line Up

Nissan has several makes and models in their 2019 line up of vehicles including the following vehicles:

  •         Altima
  •         Armada
  •         Frontier
  •         GT-R
  •         Kicks
  •         Versa Note
  •         Leaf
  •         Maxima
  •         Murano
  •         NV 2500/3500
  •         NV 200
  •         Pathfinder
  •         Rouge Sport
  •         Sentra
  •         Sentra NISMO
  •         Titan Pick-up
  •         Titan XD
  •         Versa

As a note of interest, there have been over 15 presidents and CEOs of Nissan between 1933 and 2015.

2021 Nissan FAQ:

What is the cheapest 2021 Nissan to Lease in NYC?

The cheapest 2021 Nissan to lease in NYC is the brand new 2021 Sentra Sedan, which is available for less than $215 per month from VIP Auto Lease.

What is NissanConnect and how much is it?

NissanConnect is a navigational, audio, and communication platform powered by SiriusXM in the infotainment system of the car. It can connect with the app to your smartphone to allow remote access to features in the car. It has the basics like traffic updates and streaming services but also speed warnings and high tech safety features. The primary services cost $11.99 per month.

Can I update the navigation system in my Nissan?

To have access to the news maps, routes and features the navigation system can be updated over the internet.

Do 2021 Nissan vehicles require premium fuel?

For most 2021 models, premium fuel is not required. Standard octane (87) works well in most of the lineup. If you are uncertain please reference your user manual.

How do I know when I need new brake pads?

In a Nissan, breaks have a feature where they squeak when about 2mm of brad pad remains. This indicates to the driver it is time to change them at that time, if not sooner.

What is Nissan Genuine Oil?

Nissan manufactures its own oil called “Nissan Genuine Oil”. The default from the factory is 0W-20 and is used in most models. The engines are made to run at their highest performance with high quality oil.

Is it important to rotate the tires on my new Nissan?

It is always important to rotate tires every 6k-8k miles. Because of the nature of the road, and the weight of the vehicle, tires naturally wear unevenly. To prevent unstable and unsafe driving conditions the tire rotation is a simple yet effective solution.

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