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The Lincoln vehicle brand, a division of the Ford motors, is renowned for building high quality and luxurious vehicles. Perhaps, the secret behind the massive never-ending success of the Lincoln lies in its perfect combination of superb engineering and design that stands to represent the company’s tradition of excellence. From time to time, it has been rated among the top American luxury car brands.

The Ford America owned luxury auto brand, over the years, has constantly fed the auto world with mouth lavishing car models. Notable amongst the assorted arrays of cushy rides include the Lincoln Navigator, the Continental, and the Nautilus, also known as the Lincoln MKX.

The great news is that all these models and much more are available for leasing at all VIP Auto Group outlets across the country. Our well experienced and friendly staff will provide you with the assistance you’ll need to make securing the lease deal less stressful. No haggling, no pushy sales clerk, and the best lowest possible price you cannot get anywhere except at VIP Auto Group.

History Of The Lincoln

The Lincoln brand at its infancy stage was a company separate from Ford Motor Company. Henry Leland started the company in 1917. Before he played the colossal role in what is now known as the Lincoln, in 1902, he co-founded the Cadillac, another American luxury brand. During his time at Cadillac, in 1908, he was made the manager of the company after General Motors acquired it.

The Lincoln Motor Company was formed to manufacture Liberty aircraft engines for the US during World War One. Mr. Leland named his company after the former American president, Abraham Lincoln, who happened to be his hero.

At the end of the war, the company delved into manufacturing luxury motorcars. By September 1920, the company launched its first luxury car. However, subsequent years were not favorable for the company; this led to the sale of the company to the Ford Motor Company in 1922. The new owner made some drastic changes, such as in body style and pricing. This resulted in improved sales. Also, a two-passenger roadster and a seven-passenger limousine were introduced in the Lincoln line up.

In the same 1920s, the Ford company launched the Lincoln specially designed police model, known as the Police Flyer. The foremost Lincoln bestseller car was developed by a designer named Eugene T. “Bob” Gregorie in 1939. The Lincoln Continental was initially built for Edsel. The lovely luxury ride was admired by many, forcing the company to offer it as a limited production car. Soon, the Continental rose to be the trailblazer of automotive design.

Over the years, Lincoln has also occupied a prominent place in history. The auto brand has provided many of the vehicles that would be used as official state vehicles for presidents of the United States. The first Lincoln vehicle to be used by an American president was a 1939 Lincoln V12, used by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Lincoln vehicles have also been used by several other Presidents, including; Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush.

The Lincoln brand has never shown any sign of slowing down in offering luxurious rides. All its car models are evidence of the Ford motors’ division commitment to quality and luxury, from the 5.5-liter Cosmopolitan, Lido, the Capri, Lincoln LS (Luxury Sport), the Custom, the Premiere, and the two-door luxury coupe Lincoln Continental Mark II Series. Also, the firebrand models like Mark LT, MKX, MKZ, and Navigator are all about quality and luxury.

The Lincoln Navigator

The Navigator is one of the outstanding American luxurious SUV, offering sleek amazing looks and top of the class features. The ever-versatile, elegant and stylish SUV provides the best SUV ride experience. If you’re a fan of large SUVs, you definitely won’t like to miss out on the <a href=”https://viplease.com/best-lincoln-lease-deals-ny/navigator”>Lincoln Navigator Lease.</a>

The extra comfy interior space and huge trunk of the Navigator make it stand out from all close rivals. The premium cabin of the Navigator comes with more than enough space for adults in all three rows. The ample headroom and legroom space, designed in the Navigator is the deal to beat. For your entertainment, the infotainment system in the Navigator is a perfect match for its elegance interior.

The exterior of the Navigator is nothing short of breathtaking. The numerous chrome accents and the grille with the Lincoln badge is a pleasure to behold.

Safety-wise, Lincoln has never backed down in providing top-notch tech safety features to guarantee a more confident ride for its customers.

Though the 2020 model year Navigator lacks a V8 engine option, its twin-turbocharged V6 produces more than enough power for most driving needs. Also, its high towing capacity and decent fuel economy for its class add to the urge to opt for a Lincoln Navigator lease. Handling is very reliable even though the car is so large, and the cabin is well insulated from exterior noise. The steering feels accurate and precise as the suspension is tight.

The Lincoln Continental

The Continental, for the most of its existence, has been likened as the Lincoln flagship for the display of four doors. The luxury sedan started as a personal car for then-Ford president, Edsel Ford. The discontinued Lincoln-Zephyr inspired the car. The first generation of this car has a convertible top, a lower profile, and deleted running boards. The Continental has often been rated as one of the most beautiful vehicles ever crafted the world over.

Decades, after it was made as a limited production car, most renowned names in the world, made the Continental their top choice car.

The Lincoln Continental delivers a mix of comfort and high-end luxury. The tech features put in place in the car makes for a more confident and comfortable ride. The interior features standard leather upholstery, ventilated seats, and other high-end fittings. The safety features are all standard, and the infotainment system makes for a perfect scaling in a luxurious sedan. The engine of the Continental provides enough power to make obtaining a <a href=”https://viplease.com/best-lincoln-lease-deals-ny/continental”>Lincoln Continental Lease</a> a worthy adventure.

The exterior offers the perfect sedan grille that blends seamlessly with the headlamp clusters. The front fenders, hood, and decklid have been specifically made to be very resistant to dents and damages. All in all, the Continental exudes a round, organic, yet solid and impressive impression.

Lincoln Nautilus

If there’s another Lincoln car that has for long been living up to the Lincoln nameplate, it is definitely the Nautilus. The Nautilus provides a smooth and isolated ride, effortless power, top of the shelf all-round luxury that you could ask for in any crossover SUV. Little wonder a <a href=”https://viplease.com/best-lincoln-lease-deals-ny/nautilus”>Lincoln Nautilus lease deal</a> seems more like an ideal lease deal in crossover SUV.

The Nautilus was more formerly known with the name MKX till its adoption of a new name in the 2019 model year. The new Nautilus comes with a sublime twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter V-6 that produces 335 hp and 380-pound feet of torque. It is paired with 8-speed automatic transmission. It boasts of a speed of ran 0-60 mph in 6.2 seconds. The latest breed of the Lincoln Nautilus provides a very smooth, quiet, and relaxed ride.

The whole model of the Lincoln brand offers vast arrays of a luxurious ride. All these models are available for lease at our different dealership outlets spread over the country. We offer you the best possible bargain on all Lincoln car models. Contact our friendly staff and experience a haggle-free deal!


Lincoln FAQ:

How do I know when I need an oil change on my leased Lincoln?

While your owner’s manual will list the specific requirements, most models can be changed every 4k or 5k miles. If using synthetic oil which is recommended you can extend this to 7k-8k miles.

What is the most affordable Lincoln to lease?

The 2020 LINCOLN MKZ SEDAN is a four door midsize luxury car. It can be leased for as low as $374.00

How can I prepare my Leased Lincoln for the cold winters?

  • Battery check
  • Oil change
  • Windshield wiper replacements
  • Fluids that are made for lower temperatures
  • Snow tires

What are my options when my lease is nearing the end?

Most leasing contracts contain 3 options when a lease is finishing:  extend your lease, purchase your leased vehicle, or return your leased vehicle.

How many miles do I have in my lease?

The specific lease terms can be negotiated from the start and can affect the monthly payment but most Lincolns have mileage allowances of 8k-10k per year.

What happens if I exceed my mileage allowance?

If the mileage goes over the agreed amount you can be charged between .10-.90 cents per mile depending on the lease terms.

Who owns Lincoln?

Lincoln is owned and manufactured by Ford Motor Company.

What are the benefits of leasing a Lincoln SUV?

Lincoln has many luxury high end SUVs like the Navigator and the Nautilus, with payments that can be leased for 25% or less than purchasing the vehicle.