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2021 GMC Yukon 4WD Car Leasing Deals & Specials by VIP Auto NYC

Leasing the 2021 GMC Yukon might be the bargain of a lifetime because of all it has to offer. From excellent power trains to elite design patterns and spacing, you would be getting both the needed power and comfort from this SUV. Feel free to check our website to know More Details about the 2021 GMC Yukon before going for a lease.

Stand a chance to own this luxury vehicle at an affordable price with us, VIP Auto. We are ever ready to offer every help you need to acquire your dream car. We have hardworking employees in our group dedicated to making your leasing process s smooth as possible. Zero down lease deals and many discounts are always available in our Auto Group to provide even cheaper lease options to our customers. Our customer care is still open seven days a week to provide solutions to our customers’ issues. Start leasing with us and be ahead of everyone else.

2021 GMC Yukon Review: By VIP Leasing

The 2020 GMC Yukon is the latest full size SUV Yukon to be released by GMC. Offering a variety of different trims and packages, GMC offers a lot of variety in this car. The styling of this car may remind many of the true roots of SUVs combined with the new cutting edge, the modern technology of 2020. Starting out at around 50,000 dollars for the standard model and climbing upwards of 69,000 dollars for upgraded versions, the best in class GMC Yukon is a relatively expensive car. In this review, we will discuss in detail about different aspects of this car so buyers can decide if this car may be of interest to them.

The Yukon is a versatile car in terms of styling as the car can look like a family car or as car that you would not be surprised to see a celebrity walk out of surrounded by their entourage. The 2020 GMC Yukon combines sleek modern curves along with a more traditional old school boxy look of an SUV. Offering a variety of colors including a particularly sleek black, buyers can decide which color best compliments them and fits them the best. The interior of the car also provides a high end feel to match with the exterior. Buyers can choose between different materials for the seats including cloth as the standard or leather upholstery which can be found in most Yukon trims depending on which they find more comfortable. Passengers of the first and second row will also have plenty legroom to stretch their seats. Unfortunately, those sitting in the third row will have less space than the two rows in front. The third row built on a higher floor may be slightly uncomfortable for an average sized adult to sit in but it is however ideal for children. Passengers will have no real trouble entering the vehicle with the boxy spacious doors and for those passengers sitting in the third row, an easy to flip down the second row.

While it may not offer the most cargo space on the market, the Yukon provides respectable numbers. Behind the third seat, there are around fifteen cubic feet of space. With the third row folded down there is over fifty cubic feet of space and with the second row also folded there is around ninety-four feet of cubic space. These numbers obviously go way up in the enlarged full-size Yukon XL model which has a whopping thirty-nine feet of cubic space just behind the third row and upwards one hundred and twenty cubic feet with both rows folded down. The driver of the car has a variety of different seat positions to choose from to find the most comfortable position including adjustable pedals. Unfortunately, however, visibility for the driver while specifically bad, could certainly be better. Because of the raised third row, rear visibility is slightly obstructed but this is only a problem if the third row is up. Frontwards visibility is slightly hampered by the thick roof pillars lining the windows. While the Yukon may not offer the most visibility it isn’t something to worry about in terms of a safety concern.

The GMC Yukon is a big car so to match both its size and weight the Yukon comes with a powerful engine. The standard GMC Yukon comes with a 5.3 liter V-8 engine. This provides three hundred and fifty-five horsepower and three hundred and eighty-three pound-feet of torque. This generally comes paired with a six speed automatic transmission and four wheel drive. For those that are not satisfied and want even more power, there is an option to upgrade the engine to a 6.2 liter V-8 engine which comes with a ten speed automatic transmission. This provides an improved four hundred and twenty horsepower and four hundred and sixty pound-feet of torque. While certainly not lacking in power, this engine may look at some of the quietnesses of the 5.3 liter engine. With the powerful V-8 engine, the Yukon can tow from five thousand to over eight thousand pounds depending on how many passengers are in the car and some other factors. With the standard engine, the Yukon cranks out fifteen miles of city driving per gallon and twenty-two miles per gallon on the highway which is respectable for a big car like this. In terms of driving the car, while extremely powerful the V-8 engine has a slightly slower response than many other cars. Also, because it is such a big car, maneuvering it may be slightly more difficult but GMC does a great job of counteracting this trying to make the clunky SUV as smooth as possible.

While not yet rated by the IIHS, the NHTSA gave the 2020 Yukon an overall four star safety rating. Their lowest score was a dismal three stars on rollover but they made up for this in the other categories. Each Yukon comes standard with airbags, anti lock brakes, stability control, and traction control. On the upgraded models, buyers can opt in for both low and high speed automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, active lane control, automatic high beam headlights, and more. The Yukon also innovates in the addition of a central airbag to prevent the two front seat passengers from colliding in the case of a crash. The Yukon also offers an Enhanced Driver Alert package which comes with features forward collision warnings, active lane control, and more.

Aside from the safety features, the Yukon comes with a variety of other features for the passengers’ comfort. This includes an eight-inch infotainment screen with both apple and android connectivity, three-zone climate control, a Bose speaker system, auto wipers and more. Possible upgrades include things like built in navigational systems, power lift-gate, and the Enhanced Driver Alert package mentioned above. The Yukon certainly does not disappoint in the category of features even for the standard models.

While not excellent the 2020 GMC Yukon performs very well for a car of its class. The Yukon definitely stands up to other competitors in its class especially the upgraded models like the Denali. Buyers who are interested in an SUV should definitely give the Yukon a look.

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2021 GMC Yukon Lease FAQ:

How powerful is the 2021 Yukon?

The Yukon has three engine options:

  • A V8 5.3-liter with 355 HP
  • A V8 6.2-liter with 420 HP
  • Also a 3.0-liter turbodiesel inline 6

Does the Yukon have an off road trim?

Yes, the all new AT4 is off road capable with all-terrain tires and higher suspension.

How many miles per gallon can the new 2021 GMC Yukon get?

The new GMC Yukon can get an estimated 16 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway

How many people can the new GMC Yukon sit?

The 2021 Yukon is a full size SUV with 3 rows that can sit up to 8 adults.

What safety features come on the new 20221 GMC Yukon?

  • automated emergency braking
  • forward-collision warning
  • blind-spot monitoring
  • lane-departure warning
  • And more

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