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  • 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 Double Cab For Sale In NYC
  • 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 Double Cab For Sale In NYC

Sierra Car Leasing Deals & Specials By VIP Auto NYC

If you ever thought of getting a GMC Sierra lease, then you’re on the right track. THE GMC trucks are the most capable and reliable trucks for leasing, with gusto powertrains to cap it all. If you’re to shop for the Sierra, all you need is that Auto lease dealer with the lowest lease rates and fair lease terms. The VIP Auto lease deals on GMCs offers you not just the best GMC Sierra lease bargain, but also adds exceptional leasing terms to grant you the best Auto lease deal you can never get elsewhere than at VIP Auto lease. You can leverage on our convenient inclined leasing policy and see your new Sierra parked in your driveway in no time. Get in touch with us now!

The extraordinary thing about the GMC Sierra is that you can never fault it in any direction. This particular truck is atypical to your everyday truck. From is astounding exterior design with a masculine stance down to the inside that is generously fixed with super comfy seats and loads of amenities. The all-new 2021 Sierra comes with a vast assortment of robust engine options, including a turbocharged four-cylinder, a turbo-diesel inline-six, and a pair of V8s. Also, three different transmissions are available in the new Sierra pack. Of all the powertrain, the 6.2-liter V8 with 420 horsepower mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission is the beauty in all. The towing ability of the new Sierra stands at 12,200 pounds while it can haul up to 2240 pounds. With upgraded features like adaptive cruise control and a bed-view camera, the GMC Sierra lease is no doubt, one of the wisest choice trucks anyone would ever make.

As far as full size pickups go, GMC usually keeps with the competition very well. Meeting many standards for the class and continuing to innovate and raise the bar. A well rounded and solid choice for the class.

The Sierra 1500 is capable with it’s towing, pulling and impressive 12,000 lbs. Along with tow capacity, the bed also makes a strong statement with a list of features, like in bed/tailgate lighting in all base and upgrade editions.

It’s engine options are plentiful in each edition and strong enough to make it very competitive as far as workload and capability go. It has a completely new and improved engine style that many on and off the jobsite will come to appreciate. From 285 horsepower V6, to an exciting turbo-diesel model premiering later this year, the 1500 is extremely competitive in performance.

The early returns as far as fuel economy look decent, and are as expected from the bulky and strong built class. WIth 15-20 mpg estimates in the city and 19-24 mpg on the highway, it sits about where you might expect it.

It compliments it’s brawn with a little beauty inside the cabin. A slightly upscale and sleek interior helps the Sierra 1500 to stand out from competitors like its Ford-150 or it’s Chevy Silverado counterparts. Lending a little more finesse to the juggernauts it competes with. It is the sleek, spacious and clean interior, reminding us that strength isn’t contrary or exclusive to style.

Style isn’t where the good looks stop either. The safety and reliability scores from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration and J.D. Power respectively, are nice to look at as well. With 5/5 on safety tests and an above average reliability for the class, at 3.5 stars, the Sierra 1500 makes a statement in official scores.

It also offers a vast new array of safety features uncommon to the class; such as Driver Assistance controls, Teen-Driver Management options, and a load of collision/parking sensors. Complete with lane assist driving and monitoring, pedestrian detection and a full view, rear camera, the GMC Sierra 1500 brings a litany of new and beloved features to it’s 2021 model.

All this for the base price of $29,000. A solid average for the class, giving it a strong showing and earning it the #4 spot in Full Size rankings. It is definitely a growing and deserving favorite among critics and consumers alike. Well rounded and well loved, the 1500 holds its own.

GMC Sierra FAQ:

How is the fuel efficiency of the 2021 GMC Sierra?

The fuel efficiency will depend on the engine you choose but it can vary between 15-20 mpg in the city and 20-23 mpg on the highway. There is also a turbo diesel model that can get up to 23 MPG in the city.

How powerful is the engine in the GMC Sierra?

The smallest engine size is a 285 HP V6 engine in the base model rising in size and power to the 420 HP V8 at the other end of the spectrum.

How Many People Does the Sierra Seat?

The regular cab Sierra model will seat 3 people. While the double and crew cabs will seat 5 if there are bucket seats in the front row and 6 people if the regular bench seat is used in the front.

Does the GMC Sierra come with a touch screen?

Yes, the infotainment system is operated with a 7-inch touch screen LCD in the front dash.

Is the 2021 GMC Sierra safe?

The 2021 Sierra has been rated with a perfect 5-star rating for side crash test and a 4-star rating for front and overall crash tests. It also has safety technology like Adaptive Cruise Control, automatic IntelliBeam Headlamps, and Following Distance Indicator.

How large is the bed of the Sierra truck?

There are 3 bed lengths 5.8 feet, 6.62 ft, and 8.2-ft which depend on the size of the cab standard, double or crew.

  • 12 total cargo tie-downs, rated at 500 lbs per corner
  • C-shape LED headlamps and taillamps
  • Chrome grille, bumpers and window surround
  • CornerStep rear bumper
  • Rear air vents
  • Remote Keyless Entry
  • SLE
Year: 2021
Lease Term: 36 Months
Make: GMC
Model: Sierra
Body Style: Pickup Truck
Transmission: 10-Speed Auto
Price: $409.00
Engine: 5.3L V-8
Exterior Color: All Colors
MPG: City / Highway
MSRP: $41,100.00

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