The 2020 Corvette

Corvette Car Leasing Deals & Specials By VIP Auto NYC

Chevy Corvette sports car is unarguable one of the best luxury sports cruise in its segment. Aside from the general fair price tag that comes with buying a new Corvette, the option of getting same new Corvette at the lowest possible lease rate with exceptional service is offered to many New Yorkers and Americans as a whole, courtesy of the VIP Auto Leasing deals in NYC. Over the years, VIP has grown to be a reputable household name in the leasing circle, offering envious lease rates in addition to their exceptional leasing service. All making your lease experience a memorable one.

The new Chevy Corvette is on its eight generation. This latest model offers everything that speaks boldly of GMC’s unparalled innovative drive.  Every single thing about the build of this track pleasure leaves you craving for a Corvette in your driveway.

With a redesigned midengine (engine moving from the front to the back of the car, just behind the cockpit) which still retains the Covertte’s impressive a 490 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque, the C8 grabs an impressive interior outlook. The cargo space now come in two, the front space just before the passenger compartment, and another behind the engine. The GMC is so generous with the interior sculpting of the Chevy Corvette interior. Its fine arrays of clever materials and amazing novel tech features provides one exciting hell of a ride.

If it’s the performance and handling, its top of the class. The new position of the engine even adds to the general balance of the ride. All the new 2020 Corvette features two body styles, a hardtop convertible and a coupe.

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