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BMW 330e 3-Series

Best BMW Lease Deals NY, NJ & CT | 330e Sedan 0 Down Leasing

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The 2023 BMW 330e xDrive lease deals are in!


Leasing the all new 2023 BMW 330e is the most affordable way to get a 4 door hybrid vehicle, and one of the best in the 3 series lineup.  It is a plug-in hybrid that mixes a powerful combustion engine and electric motor for long range driving that won’t hurt your wallet.

Not only is the charging plug-in your leased 330e x drive compatible with any outlet in your home (110 volt) but there are conveniently placed charging spaces all around NYC. All the while BMW Connected to control all aspects of your hybrid BMW in the duration of the lease.

This rear wheel drive vehicle is one of the most powerful and yet most efficient vehicles available for lease in NYC in 2023. The sleek look, uncompromising comfort, and functionality will make the new 330e X drive the best hybrid car you ever leased.


BMW 330e xDrive  Lease FAQ:

How much horsepower is the 2023 BMW 330e xDrive?

The new  BMW 330e xDrive comes with an incredible 288HP engine that can accelerate to 60 mph in only 5.7 seconds!

How fuel-efficient is the new 330e xDrive?

The 2023  330e xDrive is a hybrid which can get an estimated 75 MPGe in the city when using the electric motor and gas engine, and 28 MPG when using gas alone.

How much cargo space is in the new 330e xDrive?

The new  330e has 17 cubic feet of trunk space which can be increased with the dual folding rear seats.

How much does it cost to lease the new 2023 BMW 330e xDrive in NYC?

In NYC you can find some of the best lease deals on the new BMW 330e xDrive with lease payments as low as $599.00 per month when choosing a 36-month lease.

How many people can a 2023 BMW 330e seat?

When you lease a new BMW 330e  you can fit up to 5 people in this new hybrid compact sports sedan.

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