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With over a century heritage of consistently delivering the very best of luxury vehicles, the British automakers have also risen to the challenge of the modern age by adding a delightful balance of its age-long regality with fusions of high-end novel tech packages.

Your Bentley lease in Brooklyn is waiting for you. The one and only Bentley lease in Queens is also available to you. For those to the North – your Bentley Audi lease is locked stocked and barrel for you. Those looking to lease the Bentley in Staten Island – VIP is here for you. And of course all of New York City Bentley Lease seekers are welcomed to order from us 100% virtually with basically no paperwork and get the vehicle delivered to them within hours.

A Bentley car is undoubtedly the best car for anyone who got eyes for luxury cars. The high cost need not scare you from going for this thrilling ride, as the VIP auto lease deal in NY is there to make a Bentley car very accessible to you. Regardless of what your choice Bentley make and model is, we offer the very unbelievable lease rates and incentives. Our leasing policy is tailored to give you the best bargain on any of your choice Bentley. With a smooth lease process that will get your Bentley on your driveway in no time.

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Bentley History

Bentley brand cars are manufactured by the renowned British maker of high-end luxury cars, Bentley Motors Limited, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. The company, Bentley Motors Limited was founded by two brothers, who are great auto lovers, by W. O. Bentley and H. M Bentley in 1919. It gained much popularity after winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans repeatedly in the 1920s. Today, the company is headquartered at Crewe, England. Also, it got assemble plants scattered across the west. Prior to its acquisition by the Volkswagen Group in 1998, Bentley shared a short history with the Rolls-Royce, which involves a series of mergers and acquisitions and final separation starting from 1931. Bentley has always been a force automaker to contend with, especially in the luxury cars and SUVs class.

Our Bentley Line-Up

Bentley is one luxury car brand that has something for everyone. Its cars and SUVs are famous for offering unmatched power, out of the world luxury, and elegance with a sportiness that gets heads turning. All Bentley cars stand to represent “Bentley,” cars with the most potent blend of regal charm, perfectly fused with the most novel performance and top-notch luxury tech features. From the exterior build that is so breathtaking to the captivating interior and exhilarating ride, buying a new Bentley car is so much desirable.

Our extended inventory on Bentley cars and SUVs lets you select the very best Bentley that unquestionably satisfies your taste and cravings. From the fastest and most powerful Bentayga SUV to the GT Continental, Flying Spur, and Mulsanne, you can never go wrong, obtaining a lease on any of these only at VIP auto lease deal. The 2020 Bentley Bentayga comes with ample space, with more than enough power, luxury, and speed to earn the tag of the fastest SUVs in the world. With a Bentley Bentayga lease at VIP Auto lease in NY, you will get this most exclusive and fastest SUV in your driveway in no time. With the VIP Auto Lease deal, the power to buy your Bentley is in your hand!

Bentley FAQ:

Who owns Bentley?

Bentley along with several other car companies are owned by Volkswagen Group.

What Bentley is the most affordable to lease?

The top of the line 2023 BENTLEY BENTAYGA SUV V8 is packed with luxury and comfort and can be leased brand new for $2,521.00 per month.

What features come integrated into the Bentley infotainment system?

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How much is charged for extra miles on a Bentley lease?

Usually between .10 cents to $1 can be charged per mile above and behind the agreed amount in the lease contract. The terms are set during the lease negotiations.

What are the benefits of leasing a Bentley?

Leasing a Bentley is a less expensive option than purchasing one. Additionally, they are always new vehicles, with fewer taxes since you are only paying taxes on the amount of the lease term and not the total value of the vehicle.

Does Bentley require premium synthetic oil?

Yes, only the highest quality synthetic oils should be used for the regular servicing of all Bentleys.

What is the estimated MPG of a Bentley?

The Bentley Bentayga has a powerful 12 cylinder turbo engine and gets an estimated 17 MPG. The top speed is about 190 MPH and produced over 440hp.

What are the different leasing options for a Bentley?

Leasing conditions can be negotiated to suit your credit and financial situation. Some people might choose for larger upfront costs and lower monthly payments, while others might want to minimize the down payment and increase their monthly lease.