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A Review On The 2020 BMW X4


This 2020 BMW X4 M sports a mainly new and high-performance version of the BMW B58 inline six-cylinder engine, in production since 2015. This new engine is the “S58” and replaces the S55 engine present in the BMW M3 and M4, among others. The standard X4 M develops 473 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque. In the form of competition, however, BMW adds sporting and athletic elements to the equation and increases power. The X4 makes a viable lease option for anyone looking for a high performing vehicle.

From the badge to the red start button and this two individual “M” buttons on the steering wheel, this is another example of BMW’s bloody performance experience. Indoors, you still get a wide range of technologies and comfort features, from wireless charging to Apple CarPlay support to a 10.25-inch infotainment screen.

The interior design and passenger space remain largely unchanged from the stock X4. M has made only minor modifications, intended to emphasize the fact that this is not the usual BMW SUV.

For the materials, BMW used X4 M carbon fiber, which is found on several elements, including inside the door. For the seats and the steering wheel, the manufacturer opted for Vernasca leather, while Merino leather is the material of choice for Competition upholstery.

The fact that it is an M car is announced with the use of the emblematic signature of the company here and there inside, including on the seats in the form of a luminous logo.

Since its introduction, the regular X4 has sold an average of 4,500 cars a year in the United States and many more, about 19,000 a year, in Europe. With the M now available, these numbers will likely increase.

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