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5 Best Small and Compact Cars for 2021

Small and compact cars have a huge advantage for many drivers on the road in 2021. Not only are they easier to handle on the road because of their compact size, and typically costs less, but they can also save you a fortune in fuel costs. There once was a time when the small compact cars were of lower quality, and lacked features like automatic windows, and adjustable seats, but these days are long gone. Today every compact car you can lease in NYC comes fully loaded with just as many (if not more) features and luxury than any other car, truck, or SUV. 

Our 5 favorite small cars in 2021 are manufactured by Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, and Nissan. We think it would be worthwhile to outline what are the top features in the 5 Best Small and Compact Cars for 2021.


Mazda 3

The 2021 Mazda 3 is a premium 4 door sedan. It comes with the i-Activ AWD for ultimate control and handling on any surface and weather conditions. The base model comes with a 2.0 liter 155 hp engine but the higher trims come with a 2.5 liter turbo with 255 hp. This well-made car can get upwards of 38 mpg on the highway making it not only fun to drive but very fuel-efficient as well. It can be leased in NYC for $240 per month.


Kia Forte

The 2021 Kia Forte is one of the most popular Kia models available to lease in NYC.  It has some very versatile trim options like the GT with a  201 hp 1.6 liter turbo engine. With a lease price of only $180 per month, the Forte has helped to redefine the definition of affordable compact sporty cars. It comes with a full feature infotainment system, LED lights and beautiful package options for leather seats and large wheels. It is estimated to get about 35 mpg on the highway.


Hyundai Elantra

The 2021 Hyundai Elantra has made leaps and bounds in its new innovation and design. For less than $200 per month, you can lease the new Elantra with amazing features. It can get up to 43 mpg on the highway and some trims have 17-inch wheels. The 147 hp 2.9-liter engine should give plenty of power to allow for smooth highway driving and is compact enough to manage without any issue in tough city traffic.


Toyota Corolla

The new 2021 Corolla lives up to the name and expectations we have for one of America’s favorite cars. With a lease price of $205 per month it’s extremely affordable and still comes with all of the bells and whistles. Depending on the trim you can expect a 7 in. or 8 in touchscreen display, LEd lights and automatic climate control. On the highway, it can get up to 38 mpg. The Corolla is a popular choice for small families, and speed enthusiasts alike with its 2.0 liter engine with a range of horsepower between 139-169.


Nissan Sentra

The new Nissan Sentra needs little introduction. It’s popular, very inexpensive ($213 per month) and comes with a nice 149 hp engine. It comes with a touchscreen display integrated with navigation and Bluetooth.  Plus, with over 14 cubic feet or storage space, you can pack quite a lot into this compact car. Like the other small and compact cars on the list, it can get up to 38 mpg on the highway, helping you to keep daily costs down.

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