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2020 Mercedes GLA250 Vs. GLB250 Head To Head Comparison

2020 Mercedes GLA250 Vs. GLB250 Head To Head ComparisonThe launch of the GLA crossover by Mercedes was greeted with lots of mixed reactions in the auto market. Questions bothering how on its ride quality, luxury and performance were raised. This no doubt is mostly attributed to its design, a “tiny” SUV, and its price tag that is a little unlike “Mercedes.” But as years rolled by, Mercedes kept springing up surprises with each passing year model of the GLA. In no time, this smallest Benz SUV became largely accepted. As it stands, a new 2020 Mercedes GLA 250 lease is one of the most sought after in its class.

Another German automaker’s marvel that much-challenged auto lovers’ enthusiasm upon its introduction to the SUV auto market is the GLB. The GLB model was made,a sequel to the success of the CLA and GLA models. This Mercedes delve into the seven-seat crossover created a luxury and super comfy SUV with a higher dimension than the GLA, but falls lightly below the GLC. Shortly after its launch, Mercedes loyalist can help but to express affection over the new seven-seater SUV, even critics can’t help but get a feel of this new German paradise on wheels. With these two strong lineups amongst others in the Mercedes shelves, many Benz shoppers can help but to speak comparatively of the two. If you are stuck between choosing a new Mercedes GLB 250 lease and a GLA 250 lease, here is more detail that compares and contrasts them.

Engine And Performance

When it comes to the powertrains of both Benz SUVs, there’s no significant difference at all. Their torque and transmission are relatively the same. However, a slight difference still exists in their power, transmission, handling, and, infact, in the overall driving mechanics indeed.

In the new GLA 250, Mercedes stocked a turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that confidently gives out 208 horsepower. This powertrain is mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission, with a front-wheel-drive coming off as standard, while an all-wheel drive is optional. Even though this powertrain might not excite most who are so used to what Mercedes can offer, this GLA’s engine still keeps the SUV going smoothly.

At the other end, the new 2020 GLB is powered by a 2.0-liter inline-four that delivers 221 horsepower. This GLB’s engine is linked to an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.

When it comes to handling, both Mercedes crossovers share the point. The handling is sharp and firm that lets you maneuver in and out of tight spots without needing to have your hearts up your sleeve. They turning radius is fair for an SUV in its class. Also, the GLA 250 doesn’t get as much job done when cruising pass rough terrains as the GLB 250.

Fuel Economy

The 2020 GLA 250 gets an estimated EPA rating of 24 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway, which is above average for the luxury subcompact SUV class. The GLB 250 also offers a modest gas mileage for a crossover in its class. Its EPA estimated 23 mpg on the streets and 31 mpg on the highway, places its combined EPA at 26 mpg.

In general, whether you opt for a GLA 250 or GLB 250 lease, just bear in mind that you will be making closely the same number of stops at the gas station, irrespective of your choice SUV. There are now definitely more reasons to go for either of both crossovers.


There’s an undeniable gap in the build of both the GLA and GLB. Although both of them still possess the Mercedes superior craftsmanship that is unapologetically stunning, the body styles are not the same. While the GLA 250 is a luxury subcompact SUV, with miniature size and athletic pose that makes it seem more than less a sports coupe, the GLB 250 has a boxy styling and bold stance that is typical of a crossover.

With a dimension of 3,164 lbs curb weight, 173.9 in length, 60.0 in height, and 106.3 in wheelbase, the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 is a little narrower and shorter than the Mercedes-Benz GLB 250, which measures 182.4 in length, 65.3 in height, 111.4 in wheelbase, and 3,638 lbs curb weight. Albeit, it offers a little advantage in maneuvering over tight parking spots.

While both the new Mercedes GLA and GLB are designed with an 18-inch 5-spoke (7.5×18), the GLA offers a 225/40R18 front and rear tires, whereas a 235/55R18 tire is what you get from your 2020 GLB 250.

Interior Capacity

Judging from the exterior dimensions as earlier made known, it is not far to infer that the latest Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 model has lesser seating and cargo space than the Mercedes-Benz GLB 250. The GLA can comfortably carry up to five persons, including the driver, while the GLB conveniently takes in five to seven persons.

Even though the GLA 250 boasts of modest sophistication and a premium quality touch of materials in its cabin, its interior refinement is not as pleasant as that of the GLB. But the lower price tag on the GLA 250 perfectly complements its interior styling. On the more positive still, irrespective of the tiny sized build of the 2020 GLA, its front row provides ample space for both the driver and the passenger, with decent headroom and legroom space for its class. Not much can be said about its second row.

The Mercedes 2020 GLB comes with an interior that is generously spacious as its cabin is delicate and luxurious.  The front seats offer ample space while been supportive and cozy. The second rows can is also comfy enough to seat adult passengers through a day ride. The third row is not where any adult would love to sit for even the fleetest time.

No matter the model you pick, the best Mercedes Benz auto lease deals in town is there to grant you the best bargain. Mercedes is known for its quality, reliability, and class. You can count on any of these two models to fully offer you the Mercedes experience.

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