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2020 Mercedes AMG C-Class Review

The German automaker has, for long, been in the business of producing cars that are synonymous with quality and luxury. The Benz cars have grown to be the top luxury car manufacturer world all over. The company has continuously stressed its desire towards producing a safer, high performance, and good fuel efficiency cars. The wide range of cars like the C-class, A-class, down to the A-Class has been the top choice for cars for most world leaders and big CEOs.

The fourth generation of Mercedes Benz C-Class AMG was introduced in 2015 with the C300 and C400 sedan. The coupe and convertible models were later introduced in the 2017 model year. The newly introduced 2020 year model Benz C-Class AMG is more powerful, luxurious, and stylish than ever before, with lots of standardization put in place. The new 2020 Mercedes Benz C-Class AMG is available in four body types; the Convertible, Coupe, Hatchback, Sedan, and Wagon. These cars have close characteristics with the S-Class. However, the AMG C-Class is currently on a journey of blazing new trails for compact luxury, currently in sedan, coupe, and convertible forms. Here are all some key features of the new luxury.

Interior And Cargo

The interior of the AMG C-Class is nothing short that the expected luxury and comfort associated with most Mercedes Benz cars. The new AMG line comes with MB-Tex synthetic-leather seating upholstery, which adds a touch of regality to it. Also, the seats are comfy, well-cushioned, and nicely contoured to provide top-rated comfort and support, even going for years. The driver’s seat and the steering wheel get ample adjustability, which creates different options for positioning while driving. The presence of interior lighting and air balance package further makes the interior environment look more elegant.

In terms of cargo space, the latest AMG C-Class is designed to seat a total of five passengers. With a 12.6 cubic foot trunk, which is fairly enough for a monthly grocery shopping run, or a medium suitcase or two.

Engine And Fuel Economy

The engine of 2020 AMG is a four-cylinder turbo 2.0-liter, which produces a horsepower of 255 at a torque of 273 pounds-feet. It is paired to a 9G-TRONIC 9 speed automatic mode transmission and RWD setup. The engine gives a 24 mpg city, 35 mpg highway, and a combined mpg of 29. The AMG variants have a better economy compared to the 4matic Variants.


AMG line models speak of a sportier aesthetic than what is familiar, with distinct front and rear fascias. Also, there’s the same all-LED exterior lighting, which is standard as the previous year. Also, the LED headlights come with daytime running lights and boxy taillights. To enhance the aggression, the new C-Class is designed with a revised grille, revised front and rear bumpers, and AMG-line alloy wheels.

The dimensions of the AMG C-Class are basically that of the compact luxury sedan class, with an overall body length of 184.5 inches, a height of 56.8 inches, and a width of 71.3. The AMG weighs 3,869 pounds.


One thing remarkable about Mercedes Benz cars is the top-notch features designed in their cars. The 2020 C-Class has more standard features than its predecessor, with Keyless-ignition, hands-free trunk access, an electronic trunk closer, and blind-spot assist now included in the standard consignment. Also, a decent standard consignment of the active driver is offered in the new AMG. For infotainment, the 10.25-inch high-resolution touch screen display is one of the highlights.

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