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2020 BMW 740i Vs 750i X-Drive: Head To Head Review

BMW cars offer style, fashion, and performance that only but a few can stand up to in the auto world. With the introduction of its world-class premium luxury sedan, BMW 7-series, an overabundance of luxury, comfort, performance, and style is all you get from either the BMW 740i or the 750i X-Drive.

All-New BMW 740i And 750i X-Drive

The 2020 740i and 750i X-Drive of the BMW 7-Series is engineered with a trailblazing performance and every element of luxury that you can ever think of, to make it one of the leaders in its segment. Striking an exceptional balance between all-round luxury and state of the art comfort and infotainment feature, with the most exquisite cabin and robust engine to cap it all.The740i or a 750i X-Drive lease deal option should be it for anyone that appreciates luxury and performance.

Aside from the luxuries features, the new model year of the 740i and 750i X-Drive is crafted with the most significant exterior styling. It boasts of a larger kidney grille, refined standard Adaptive LED Icon headlights, and redesigned bumpers.

The magnificent interior is stacked with a novel infotainment system. Both the BMW  740i and 750i X-Drive grades get a boost in horsepower that makes for a more lively and responsive driving dynamics with a complimentary good fuel economy. The myriads of high-end standard tech and optional features add to a more enjoying ride.

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BMW 740i Vs 750i X-Drive Comparison

With both the 740i and 750i X-Drive been the top shoppers trim in the BMW 7-Series, picking the right one from these two grand beamer sedan with a touch of the luxurious cabin and lively performance could be an overwhelming task for most buyers. Mind you; these joy rides are available for leasing at VIP Auto lease deal, NYC.


A different powertrain is equipped in the 740i and 750i X-Drive. However, each of the powertrains gets to provide these premium luxury sedans with enough power for quick acceleration. Both of their engines are linked to a slick-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission.

The 2020 BMW 740i, which acts as the base model, experienced an engine upgrade from its preceding model. Its turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine now produces 335 horsepower.

The new 750i X-Drive gets a more powerful engine. The V-8 turbocharged 4.4-liter engine of the BMW 750i X-Drive gives out a 523-horsepower.

Of course, these are no sports cars. It weighs precisely 4878 pounds but gets a mind-blowing pace that is similar to what you will get in sports cars.

Fuel Economy

Irrespective of the enormous powertrains, they all still leave a satisfying impression when it comes to fuel economy.

BMW 740i offers the best fuel efficiency in the segment. Its ratings stand at earning 22 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway. The 750i X-Drive gets a 17 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.

Interior Features

Inside the new BMW 740i and 750i X-Drive are equipped with lots of state of the art standard tech and safety features to offer the most pleasant super-luxury sedan experience to passengers and drivers alike. The driver-friendly features make cruising with the Bimmer an experience worth repeating.

There’s literally nothing to distinguish the interior of the 740i from the 750i X-Drive, as both peculiar sports paraphernalia like 20-way power Multi-contour front seats, including articulated upper backrest, 4-way lumbar support, driver/passenger seat memory with adjustable side and thigh support.

The cabins offer regal Dakota Leather upholstery with high-gloss touches of wood. Also, there’s a heated steering wheel and 3-stage heated front seats.

Other advanced standard features are hands-free liftgate, keyless entry with multi-function remote control, Automatic 4-zone climate control, and rain-sensing windshield wipers with adjustable speed and automatic headlight control.


Both trims are engineered to offering you and your vehicle with optimum protection both on and off the road. With the BMW’s Active Protection System, any impending dangers or accidents are detected earlier, and the active safety features automatically swing to action.

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