Best BMW X5 Lease Deals

The BMW X5: An SUV Revolution

BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works and is based in Germany. They had their start in 1916, first making plane engines, some cars and motorcycles but after the second world war they began to specialize only in automobiles. The iconic blue and white emblem is meant to symbolize an airplane propeller circling with a blue sky in the background. Since their start they have made reliable luxury cars and the newest 2019 X5 continues this legacy. The popularity and demand of this vehicle in the United States is so high that we actually have get access to some of the best BMW lease deals in the world, despite the car being German in origin. For years it was the largest in the BMW lineup, now second to the X7, but still an excellent choice for those in the mid size market. For those who need a smaller and more affordable SUV, the X3 also deserves and honorable mention.


The driver of the X5 faces two large LCD screens in the dashboard. The first directly in front, is the tachometer with the Speed and rpm and basic statistics about the car. It is a beautiful well designed LCD screen that is easy to view both at night and during the day. The second screen is the multimedia control center based on BMW’s software the Idrive 7. From here users can controls their temperature, sound, Bluetooth, satellite radio and many other features available in the system. It can be controlled by both, touchscreen, and a standard dial located by the shifter. Standard with many mid size SUVs is the backup camera to help in tight situations, which the X5 has, but going beyond the is the new 3d environment which generates a 360 view around the vehicle for the driver on the LCD screen.

The seats and interior radiate comfort and luxury. There are 4 options of interior trim ranging from aluminum to various wood tones. There is plenty of room in the front and back seats for both leg space and head space. For the passengers in the back there are air conditioner vents with intendent controls for individual comfort. A large moon-roof is available for both the front and rear roof which enhances the traveling experience.

Both back seats can fold down to maximum trunk space for larger loads. And there is even an option for a third row for additional seating for 2, suitable for children mostly. The back door is a split style lift-gate which is automatic and can be opened with the push of a button. The Upper door lifts like a standard SUV, but then the bottom quarter can be lowered down, for a greater width of entrance space. The storage space has expanded over previous years and is one reason the car is such a competitive mid size SUV.

Similar to other luxury vehicles the remote and key for the SUV is not necessary at all times, When the key is on you and close enough to the car, and it senses your hand behind the handle it will automatically unlock. The power start button in the center console also will only operate when the key is in close proximity to the vehicle.


The X5 has a beautifully chrome polished grill with a front facing camera and 6 parking sensors in the lower part of the bumper to assist the driver. Visibility at night will is assisted by LED head lights as well as LED running lights. The hood has a clean but aggressive aerodynamic look which is redesigned from previous years. The beautiful alloy rims come in 20in but for the first time BMW allows a manufacture upgrade to 22 inches. An additional benefit of the remote entry system is mentioned earlier is the rear side mirrors automatically fold in when the car is locked. BMW has integrated a sleek dual exhaust that is visible through the two tone bottom rear bumper which also contains 6 parking sensors.

There is a fantastic feature available for the X5 named Adaptive suspension. There are several modes which raise or lower the ground clearance of the SUV based on the environment needs. Regardless of which suspension mode is chosen, it is always easy to enter and exit the car which is a major benefit of the X5 since some mid size SUV can be difficult because of their size and height.

Performance and Price

There are two available models for the X5. The first and less expensive of the two coming in around 60k is the 40i. It comes with a 3.0 liter turbo 335 hp with an 8 speed automatic transmission and 330 LBS of torque reaching the tires. The upgraded model is the 50i around 75k and has an impressive 4.4 liter twin turbo V-8 engine increased HP up to 456 and 470 LBS of torque. The BMW ultimate care warranty is good for 4 years or 50k mile which can cover nearly all maintenance and upkeep. Fuel efficiency for the x5 is comparable to other mid size SUV of similar power of about 20 mpg in the city and 25+ on the highway. The extreme luxury of the X5 make it easy to forget that the practical side of an SUV like its towing ability, with an impressive ability to haul over 7,000 LBS suitable for boats and trailers.

One of the major perks of the luxury SUV class is the fantastic safety and tech features. BMW has integrated a parking assist which can measure available parking spaces to determine ability to fit and use the sensors and camera to assist the drive into the space, even parallel parking. Lane assist and assisted cruise control improve not only the experience of driving, but also the safety. Traffic jam assist and evasion aid are other safety features which help to minimize both minor and serious collisions.

A well built frame and body of the X5 ensure high safety ratings in side, front, and rollover tests and is another reason why the X5 is such an excellent choice for those with families. Overall, the 2019 X5 is a luxurious and spacious SUV which has an interior to rival any competitor and sporty sleek exterior that proudly lives up to the BMW name and reputation.

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