2020 BMW Series-7

RELIABILITY: {J.D. Power}: 4/5

2020 BMW Series-7 Review

As cars in the Super Luxury class go, the BMW Series-7 rides at the front of the pack. Bringing to the table one of the most extravagant and opulent interiors, on the market. Made of genuine materials, with no corners cut on style or innovation. One of the things that sets BMW models from the rest of the rivals it the class, is craftsmanship and a dedication to the interior. Which the Series-7 does nothing to disappoint, and everything to impress.

But the bang for the buck doesn’t stop there, with the Series-7 it doesn’t even slow down. The vehicle has received much praise for it’s nimble agility and sharp handling. For a sedan that rides like a sports car, this vehicle keeps a competitive fuel economy for the class, and trumps nearly all rivals with its boundless cargo space.

If you’re looking for a smooth ride, inside and out, the Series-7 has one of the strongest, and smoothest engines in the class. Making for a genteel and comfortable experience, inside the cabin, and out on the highways and byways.

But the cabin amenities sweeten the pot even more, with some incredible features to both nudge out rivals, and really hold to the standard of previous BMW models, if not setting a new bar. With gesture oriented info-tainment and refined controls, the car reminds you that the future is now, without overwhelming you with chaos.

Boasting onboard wifi hot-spots, powerful Harman-Kardon 16 speaker surround, and a quality 10-inch touch screen auto entertainments never been easier. Or more comfortable, this vehicle even has its own air-purifier, stretching the cars luxury tech, and matching it’s luxury design, leaving a lot to brag about.

If none of that excites you, there is a long list to be written about the performance and efficiency of the Series-7. The editions base model comes in at a strong 320 horsepower. Very good for the class, and with fine tuning and upgrades, the M76oi edition rides in at a whopping 601 horsepower, which is a statement in the Super Luxury Class.

If fuel economy is a feature that can make or break a buyer’s decision than buyer prepare, because the Series-7 has some of the most impressive estimates in class. With 13-21mpg in the city, and 20-29 on the highway this car balances performance, style, and cost all very well. With such a well rounded list of achievements it’s hard to believe this model sits at #2 in Super Luxury Models.

While in the conversation of cost, it’s worth noting that the bas Series-7 model rides at a decent, and average cost for its class and cycle. Coming in around $86,000 the BMW rides along mid-pack for its family and predecessors.

Overall the Series-7 BMW Super Luxury is an incredibly well rounded and highly acclaimed vehicle. Swift, smooth, and stylish it’s no wonder it remains a prominent favorite, and highly regarded pick for critics and consumers alike.