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The GMC Yukon is quite a huge SUV. It has a long list of features, an upscale cabin and a silky ride with its improved suspension. However, most of its benefits lie in the high-level Denali trim. The ride can be a bit bumpy with the standard suspension, and the throttle is slow with the base engine. Many rivals have more cargo space than the standard Yukon, and the third row of seats is tight. An available long-wheelbase variant offsets some of these problems. However, by the time you have upgraded your SUV to deal with its disadvantages, you are paying quite an amount. Before you buy the Yukon, you should consider some of its closest rivals.

Advantages, Limitations & Alternatives

You can probably find a better big SUV than the GMC Yukon. It has an upscale cabin, but the legroom and cargo space in the third row is limited. The transition to a long-wheelbase Yukon XL solves these problems, but to get the most out of the large Yukon, you’ll need to skirt the SLE base trim and get a top trim model with a larger engine (optional). The SLT plate, standard in the Denali). The ride quality is not as smooth as you’d expect with the basic configuration, and the throttle response is turned off. Many large SUVs offer many of Denali’s attractive features at a lower price.

The Chevrolet Tahoe is built on the same platform as the Yukon. It has the same dimensions, features, and engines, but is slightly more affordable. The Chevrolet Suburban is very close to the Yukon XL, like its third-row legroom and cavernous luggage compartment. The Ford Expedition is a bit more expensive than the Yukon, but it offers a higher fuel economy rating, higher towing capacity, good ride quality, and great all-terrain options.

Also, GMC did not introduce any major changes in the Yukon for 2019. As a result, you can probably save money while getting a virtually identical vehicle by purchasing an older model. In 2018, the Yukon acquired a 10-speed automatic transmission with a Denali finish, which allowed it to move to smoother and faster speeds. Yukon 2017 was equipped with a low-speed automatic emergency braking system and a safety feature for teen drivers, while the 2016 SUV received lane-keeping assistance.

Price Ranges

Yukon 2019 has a starting MSRP of $ 49,500, and the XL Long Wheelbase variant is being offered for an additional $ 2,700. That’s about the average for a full-size SUV. Its beautiful interior and a generous number of standard features (including bonuses such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a Wi-Fi access point) make it a good value. Buyers looking for the most powerful engine and maximum luxury could turn to the popular Yukon Denali, which costs about $ 66,600.


The Cadillac Escalade is a large luxury SUV, although its competitors are not as complete as its competitors. Its towing and hauling capabilities are some of its best features, making it a good choice for towing a heavy trailer or boat or filling the inside of people and their belongings. A robust V8 engine gives the Escalade extra power and, as a bonus, a surprisingly good fuel efficiency. When the third-row seat is folded down, the Escalade offers plenty of cargo space. The third row of the Escalade has less legroom than most other 3-row SUVs. Unless your third-row occupants are small, you will not want to use this area in the Standard Length Climb. The extended ESV model offers more spacious seats in the third row.

Your money goes far enough with this Cadillac. The leather seats, a seductive suite of entertainment features and several advanced security systems are all standard amenities. Nevertheless, its overall level of interior opulence and rolling refinement are far below those of its rivals.

Advantages, Limitations & Alternatives

You should buy Escalade if you want a multitude of standard features without having to upgrade to a higher level. An exceptional towing classification also makes climbing a good choice for pulling large trailers or boats. For even more cargo space and a third-row adult-friendly, Cadillac offers Escalade ESV, which is longer. That said, several higher-level alternatives also deserve consideration. If a chic cabin and silky driving are important to you, we recommend you to watch the Mercedes-Benz GLS. The Lincoln Navigator is also a top choice among luxury SUVs.

Price Ranges

Prices for the 2019 Escalade start just above $ 75,000, which is typical of a luxury SUV, and amount to about $ 94,000. The purchase of the ESV Escalade Long Wheelbase adds $ 3,000 to the price of the trim of your choice.


The Chevrolet Suburban is a good big SUV. It has a significant amount of cargo space and passengers, which helped make it the finalist of the 2019 award for the best large family sport utility vehicle. The Suburban also boasts one of the most enjoyable cabs in the class, a long list of standard features, a powerful V8 engine and a smooth, relaxing ride. Some rivals may tow more, however, and maneuvering this big Chevrolet can be tricky.

The 2019 Suburban belongs to a generation launched for the 2015 model year. For 2016, Chevrolet equipped the Suburban with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and an 8-inch touch screen. There were no major changes in 2017, and the 2018 model introduced a set of sporting appearances for RST.

For 2019, the Suburban wins a new 10-speed automatic transmission and a 6.2-liter V8 engine option. If these updates do not interest you, consider an older model that could save you money on an otherwise similar vehicle.

Advantages, Limitations & Alternatives

Although this should satisfy most buyers, it is worth considering some Suburban classmates. The Ford Expedition has a classy cabin and unmatched maximum towing capacity, while the Toyota Sequoia has a wide range of standard safety features. If you do not need the extra space on the rear seats, you can consider using the otherwise similar Chevrolet Tahoe.

The Chevrolet Tahoe is essentially a Suburban with a short wheelbase. Both SUVs have the same engine options, the same fuel consumption ratings, and standard and available features. However, there are some differences between the two. The Tahoe is easier to maneuver, and its maximum towing capacity is slightly higher (8,600 pounds to 8,300 pounds of Suburban). The Tahoe is also more affordable: the base LS trim will save you $ 2,700 compared to the Suburban base. On the other hand, the Suburban has much more cargo space. These two choices are good, so choosing the one that suits you depends on your personal preferences.

Price Ranges

The Chevrolet Suburban LS base has a starting price of $ 50,600, which is very superior to most of its rivals. On the other hand, the retail price that is suggested by the Prime Minister ($ 65,300) perfectly matches the retail prices of the higher versions proposed by the aforementioned competition. Between the two, there is the mid-size version of the Chevrolet Suburban LT, which amounts to $ 55,600.

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