2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Versus 2019 GMC Terrain

So many SUV car models are available in the auto market, with each possessing distinct (but quite similar) characteristics. If you are the search of a compact-crossover SUV that can handle all that you throw at it? And you are already considering between the Jeep Cherokee and the GMC Terrain, congrats! You’ve probably been able to narrow the scope down to two of the most outstanding 2019 SUV models. Of course, selecting the right on, more-of-the most suitable for you will really put you in a fix. Not to worry, we have taken the job of creating this comparison review to help you!

The 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee model is quite different from the previous models; coming handy with tons of standard features, a whole new powertrain option, and much more to woo most auto lovers!

The GMC Terrain 2019 model, gives added new features, however not very much. Aside from it been more or less than a carryover model, it promises to regardless still be on top of several buyers’ list.


The Grand Cherokee’s 2019 model comes with three incredible power train options to choose from. Ranging from the standard a 2.4L 4-cylinder, which produces up to 180 more horsepower and 57 lbs.-ft. Torque, the 3.2L V6 that produces 90 more horsepower(271 horsepower). The Grand Cherokee’s optional 5.7 V8 produces more 90 horsepower (360 horsepower) and 130 lbs.-ft. Torque.  The beautiful thing about it all is that they are all (the three engines) mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission.

The GMC terrain also offers three powertrain options. Its very first engine is a 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder which produces a 170 horsepower. The second engine is a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder that produces up to 252 horsepower. The final engine in the 2019 model offers a 1.6L turbocharged diesel 4-cylinder that gives off relatively 137 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque. The first two engines are mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission, whereas, the last engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.


The Grand Cherokee comes with an engine control system that can shut down half of the engine’s cylinders and ultimately improving its fuel efficiency. Also, the Cherokee Jeep optimizes the regular unleaded gasoline with a recommended octane mid-grade for the 5.7 V8 engine yielding to maximum performance, lower fuel costs and more fuel capacity of the fuel tanks.

The GMC Terrain has no auto part engine shut down. With its 2.0 turbo 4 cyl. Engine, maximum efficiency is required. The fuel tank has a fuel capacity of 15.6 gallons, over 14 gallons lesser than the Cherokee jeep with 24.6 tank capacity.


The Grand Cherokee Jeep 2019 model warranty and the GMC terrain 2019 model has a relative warranty of 3 years per 36000 miles.


The Grand Cherokee offers many trim levels, with each trying hard to outstand the next. From the trim which comes outfitted with every feature you could ever need from Apple Car Play/Android Auto, automatic xenon headlights, height-adjustable seats, a 7-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, a six-speaker sound system, a hidden storage compartment in the front passenger seat, heated side mirrors, a rearview camera, and a USB port. The upper trims possess’ add on features like keyless entry and ignition, a power liftgate, parking sensors, a larger touch screen, premium sound systems, cornering lights, leather upholstery, heated and ventilated seats, navigation, sound-reducing glass, and a whole lots more.

The 2019 GMC Terrain offers limited trim options compared to the Jeep Cherokee. The SL trim comes well accustomed with features like heated mirrors, automatic headlights, two USB ports, a rearview camera, a 7-inch touch screen, Bluetooth, Apple Car Play and Android Auto, a six-speaker sound system, and keyless entry and ignition. The upper trim levels only contribute to limited features like the auto-dimming rearview.


The Grand Cherokee offers an optional full-size spare tire leaving you to worry less about a flat. Also, it has a large standard for better traction. The Terrain spare tires are mostly temporarily, having mileage and speed limitations. The Grand Cherokee’s optional tires are larger than the largest tires available on the Terrain.

However, the Terrain’s standard tires enable better handling, given the fact that they have a lower height to width ratio, yielding to a stiffer sidewall than the Grand Cherokee Laredo’s standard 70 series tires. Also, the tires have a standard easy tire fill system. The vehicle offers monitored tire inflation, quite unlike the Grand Cherokee. This sensor keeps track of the pressure in the course of inflating the tires.

The wheels of Grand Cherokee offers optional 20-inch wheels, making it possible for a better ride, handling and brake cooling; as against the Terrain’s 19-inches largest wheels. The Jeep brand is best in class on this one hands down.


The cargo area of the Grand Cherokee is very enormous with its rear seat offering up to 36.3 cubic feet than the Terrain with its rear seat up (vs. 29.6). Also, the rear seat of the Cherokee, when folded provides 68.3 cubic feet free space, all relatively larger than what is obtainable from the Terrain. The possession of standard locking glovebox by the Grand Cherokee keeps your small valuables safer in it unlike the Terrain, which doesn’t offer locking storage for small valuables.

However, the Terrain’s rear seats are automatically lowered, by just pressing a button, making switching between passengers and cargo easier. The Grand Cherokee offers no automatic folding seats. Also, the Terrain’s available lift-gate can be made open and closed just by kicking your foot under the back bumper, leaving your hands completely free, a feature not found in the Grand Cherokee.


The brake rotors of the Grand Cherokee’s are larger than those on the Terrain, offering the Cherokee better-stopping power. Also, standard front and rear disc brakes of the Grand Cherokee V8/Diesel’s are vented to make for ease in dissipating heat for shorter stops with less fading. The rear discs on the Terrain are quite solid and are not vented.


The Grand Cherokee offers a higher 2.2 cubic feet passenger volume relative to the Terrain 103.2 cubic feet. Also, the Grand Cherokee offers an additional 2.6 inches front hip room, 1.5 inches front shoulder room, .7 inches rear headroom, 4.4 inches rear hip room and 2.4 inches rear shoulder room relative to what is obtainable in the Terrain. However, the Terrain has an additional .1 inches front headroom, .6 inches front legroom and 1.1 inches rear legroom relative to the Grand Cherokee.


The Grand Cherokee has a standard 850-amp battery relative to the 700-amp battery of the Terrain, ultimately making the Cherokee more reliably to handle large electrical loads; With the Grand Cherokee’s battery been under the seat offering protection from hot under-hood temperatures that can degrade battery life. Whereas, in the hot engine compartment lies the Terrain’s battery.

However, the engines in the Terrain have an overhead cam design offering smoother operation, better efficiency and fewer moving parts unlike the old push-rod design of the 5.7 V8 in the Grand Cherokee. GMC takes the best in class crown on this one.


With regards to safety, both and the Grand Cherokee the Terrain have standard driver and front passenger airbags. With front side-impact airbags, side-impact head airbags, front seat-belt pretensioners, plastic fuel tanks, four-wheel antilock brakes, traction control, electronic stability systems to prevent skidding, daytime running lights, rear-view cameras, presence of all-wheel drive, brakes to limit crashes, lane departure warning systems, blind spot warning systems and rear cross-path warning.

The GMC Terrain’s rear seat shoulder belts come with a child comfort guide, making the belt to fit children a feasible adventure properly. This feature is not to in the Cherokee Jeep. Also, the Terrain Denali offers an optional Surround Vision, assisting the driver in having a better view of objects all around the vehicle on a screen. The Grand Cherokee offers less, which doesn’t help with obstacles to the sides.

The front seat shoulder belts of the Grand Cherokee are height-adjustable, accommodating a diverse variety of driver and passenger heights, and a standard Reactive Head Restraints, which use a specially designed headrest to protect the driver and front passenger from whiplash. Also, the Grand Cherokee weighs 698 to 1985 pounds more than the GMC Terrain, making it seem relatively safer in case of collisions.

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