2019 Cadillac Escalade Versus 2019 Lincoln Navigator

The SUVs car brands come in various sizes, from the mid-range SUVs to the full sized brands. All these just to satiate tons of auto lovers. The full sized SUVs no doubt offers as much luxury and delectability as the midsized brands. The 2019 Cadillac Escalade (an indeed several other models) is very notable within the class of luxury SUVs; however, same is applicable to the 2019 Lincoln Navigator. The Escalade and the Navigator both fall under the full-sized SUV and inarguable, from a renown luxury brand. If you find yourself in a fix of picking between these two, then we got your back! We will be running a brief and straight comparison between these two, focusing on the aspects of size, power, space, and luxury, let’s get to know which luxury SUV offers the best.

The 2019 Cadillac Escalade is designed to stand high in the face of novel modern designs in many ways even if it’s definitely showing its age.

The 2019 Lincoln Navigator, in all its uniqueness, still holds dear to the past with an epic interior and a tidal wave of torque.


The navigator from its design, no doubt considers safety first. From the voice controls in place enables you to key in navigation directions or switch the radio with much ease without having to remove your hands from the steering wheel. The in-depth driving aids such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and the collision detection warning system erases’ worries in case of unexpected distractions which might come in the cause of a ride. This ultimately leaves you with the confidence that you always drive safe behind the wheel of a navigator with the most innovative safety features. Also, the rear door which has child safety locks along with latch child seat anchors tucked away in the creases of the seats and top tethers.

One outstanding feature of the Escalade is the safety alert seats, which sends a discrete pulse to the side of the driver’s seat indicating the direction of potential danger. The Escalade brand has a surround vision feature providing a bird’s eye view of the immediate surrounding area when driving at very high speed or even at low speeds. This projected view is dictated by sensors and is quite unlike an actual real-time view. However, this aids to increase your awareness when parking. Also, the Escalade, like the navigator, utilizes a lane-keep assistance technology with lane departure warning. The forward collision alert monitors traffic and warns the driver of imminent hazards or dangers. The Escalade also comes handy in traffic flow, by possessing an adaptive cruise control to adjust speed to suit the pace.


The Escalade V6 gives 420 horsepower, where the Lincoln Navigator’s 3.5 turbo V6 produces 30 more horsepower (450 horsepower) and 50 lbs.-ft. more torque (510), against the  460 of the Escalade’s 6.2 V8.


The Escalade promises an engine control system, which comes handy in view of shutting down half of the engine’s cylinders, improving on the fuel’s efficiency. The Navigator does not offer such a system that shuts down part of the engine. Cadillac has proven to be the best in this class when it comes to fuel efficiency.

However, the Navigator’s engine automatically turns off when the vehicle is stopped in heavy traffics or stops, saving fuel consumption and mitigating pollution. Also, the engine automatically restarts whenever the driver is set to move again. A quite distinctive feature I must say!

The Escalade albeit, has 2.8 gallons more fuel capacity than the Navigator’s 23.2 gallons, permitting for longer range between fill-ups.


The Lincoln navigator optimizes the best-rated paraphernalia in its entire panel; posing with three rows of adult-sized seats, an enormous cargo space quite unlike the previous models, and to cap it all, a contemporary technology powering the eye-catching infotainment screen. The entire screen and every functionality control are lucidly labeled, giving for ease to locate them. The ability of the second-row seat to tilt and slide along huge door openings, with strategically placed grab handles, and retractable stepping rails, makes access to the third row less than a duty. The adjustable pedals united with tilt-and-telescoping steering column capabilities, creates comfort to the driver, with equal thanks to the perfect amount of leg room.

The Cadillac Escalade, no doubt, is designed for comfort, with sporty and beautiful handcrafted materials to spring up that sense of luxury. The v8 engine as against the Navigator’s v6, however, has less torque and fewer mpg. The Escalade likewise the Navigator come with standard Bluetooth, navigation, satellite radio, keyless ignition, and cruise control. The Escalade, however, offers ventilated seats, unlike the navigator. The both SUVs provides comfortably seven passengers seat, with the navigator possessing four more cubic feet of cargo space and a uniform amount of headspace and legroom in regards to the Escalade’s limited amount of room, decreasing from front to back. In all, the navigator is a slightly larger vehicle when compared to the Escalade.


The Lincoln had an already distinct head start of class; this model offers fresh new styling and a presence that is very notable even next to other top known SUV brands. Also, it offers a broad range of exterior colors, providing versatile options to suit the rider’s style. This luxury brand SUV has front, side, and rear view cameras, daytime running lights, turn signal mirrors, and heated mirrors. Front license plate bracket, a 22” 6-spoke aluminum wheels, and a panoramic vista roof.  A close view of the surplus cargo room shows conveniences and ease with the hands-free lift-gate. Irrespective of the kind of journey you intend on making, be it a big road trip or strolling through town, the Lincoln definitely stands out from the crowd.

The 2019 Escalade offers no much has changed than intended. Coming with no significant difference in power and brandishing the same exterior style makes, unequivocally, makes it barely distinguishable from the 2018 model. The 2019 Cadillac has power-assisting steps, hands-free lift-gate, and 22” wheels much more like the navigator. The hands-free lift-gate although very convenient, however, the uneven cargo space makes it difficult to load certain objects. When viewed in comparison to the 2019 Lincoln Navigator, the Escalade has rear view cameras but a lesser variety of exterior color options, a lesser presence, and no fresh standout design.


The Lincoln and the Escalade both offer a four-year basic warranty per 50,000 miles. However, the Escalade’s best in class corrosion warranty is a year longer than the Navigator’s.


The Escalade’s tires have a standard easy fill system, possessing a sensor. In the cause of inflating the tires, the car’s integrated tire pressure sensors keep track of the pressure as the tires fill and signal the driver when the tires are inflated to the needful pressure. The Navigator offer’s no such tire tech.

The Escalade, more so, has a standard full-size optional tire for emergencies. This sees to unexpected events like a flat possessing zero threat to mobility. The Navigator offers no full-size spare tire. Howbeit, it provides a temporary spare that is subject to be changed as soon as possible, mileage and speed prior to its replacement.

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